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Years after Meningitis Encephalitis


Please share symptoms you have YEArs later!! Post Meningitis / Encephalitis September 2014. Contaminated CSF., doctors told me for 10 days that the Mayo Clinic believed I had a bacteria found when slaughtering sheep. I was on IV ANTIBIOTICS, Multiples, for months.. I enter back to work full time three months later ....... Feeling bad right now... Please share your post symptoms

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You know every case is different but I had meningitis 9 years ago and when I left I had muscle weaknesses, dizziness, nausea, severe headaches, my emotions were totally out of control also. I could go on and on but I continue to have nausea, dizziness, poor balance and the muscle weakness continues to disrupt my life. And something else I have seen is that when I don't enough it he has disastrous effects on emotions.l must have it or come unglued. Plus I'm physically sick too. I have to plan rest when I'm planning things. Before and after.

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