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Computers, cell phone & high-EMF (dirty electricity) make my symptoms worse after viral meningitis


Hello, all. This is my first post. Thanks for all of your posts, especially the ones that mention what HELPS. I was not diagnosed with VM until after the fact (five months later :( ). About half of my initial symptoms have resolved, but I am still bothered by all electronic devices and certain areas of my house (that have been tested with an EMF tester to show high levels). None of this bothered me before, but now my tinnitus goes up instantly when I’m around these things. I am more tolerant than I was, but I still can’t be on the computer for more than a half hour without getting symptoms, which used to be nausea, headaches, feeling bad all over, tinnitus, a heavy chest and feeling my heart wasn’t right and now are “only” the last three symptoms. I find it better to work on the tablet for short periods at a time—which causes the tinnitus to go up minimally—but if it’s more than about two hours a day, my heart starts to feel bad.

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Hi and welcome!

Interesting that you should say that. I didn't connect it to EMF, but I know that screen time makes me sick. I had meningitis in June and still feel unwell. I feel very fragile and everything feels fragile, including my heart. I have pressure in my head and throat/chest when I bend over, so I almost feel relieved to hear that I am not alone. I also have tinnitus.

I only have a cell phone and I keep it in my bedroom when I sleep, but I put it on airplane mode.

How was your diagnosis made and have doctors been of any help for you?



Rowi in reply to Amrita-A

Hi, Amrita-A! I’m sorry you’re not doing well. From what I gather, this is normal. You are just coming out of it. “Fragile” is a word I’ve used to describe myself many times since I got sick. From what I gather, you should be very good to yourself and rest as much as possible (and not work or work part-time if you can). I found the Meningitis Now fact sheet on after effects helpful. (I can send the link later if you want.)

I think it’s very wise to keep your phone away from yourself and in airplane mode when you sleep. I keep mine in the other room all the time.

I got sick in March but I had just started a new medication, so the doctors thought I was reacting to that. Then I went from doctor to doctor trying to find answers, and in the States this takes time (if you are depending on insurance). It took five and a half months until I could see the neurologist. She diagnosed me. The doctors that have helped most, aside from her? A naturopath who does cranio-sacral and osteopathic work and a chiropractor. Also the therapist because I was having all these symptoms, but no one was telling me what caused it. I can tell you more about what I’ve discovered has helped me if you’d like, although people on this forum also have tips.

Feel better!

Amrita-A in reply to Rowi

Hi Rowi,

Thank you and yes, I would love both the link and whatever helped you.

The past week I have felt terrible, but even on a good day it is such a fine balance. It is like one thought too many that are negative, a grain of sugar too much, not enough sleep, too much physical activity, emotional stress and the balance swings way the other way.

I hope to feel better and I hope you keep getting better, too.



Rowi in reply to Amrita-A

Hi, Amrita:

Here is the link:

It doesn’t really have suggestions, but I still found it helpful. I had/have so many of those symptoms. I am making up a list of things that have helped me (and things that have not). I will post that when I can.

I am sorry you’re not doing well, but you are right, moderation is the key. It’s good to pace yourself. (And, yeah, I cut out sugar completely because it definitely made me worse.)

Hugs to you,


Hi Rowi...absolutely have the same thing with screens..feels like my brain is spinning along with all that you said. It sucks because this is lonely enough being stuck in bed most of the time & then we can't even go online. Before I figured out the EMFs I could hardly walk after way too much time online. Sometimes I will answer someone or post something then I can't respond cuz I get so sick after. I am at 8 months with VM.

Where did you get your meter? I looked on Amazon & pp said that only some of them work with cell phones & wifi & that's the ones I'm more concerned about. Thx..praying for strength & better days for all of us.

Rowi in reply to Keep-The-Faith

Sorry it’s so bad. Especially in the beginning, I relied on people who lived close to me and I would ask them to come and see me and leave notes on my door if I wasn’t home. Nowadays, in order to see my friends, I mostly have people over for tea. You might want to check out my post from yesterday entitled “What Helps...” Also others have commented that osteopathic work and acupuncture has helped. Don’t give up!

P.S. I borrowed the EMF tester. I think it’s good to invest in a good one though (and have someone help you do the reading).

Keep-The-Faith in reply to Rowi

Thank you for your response. Hard for me to be on here cuz I'm not doing good. I did read your other post but not there yet. I barely get around the house. I have a wonderful acupuncturist, hoping to go soon. Thx for the tips. How long have you had meningitis? 8 months for me.

Rowi in reply to Keep-The-Faith

It’s been six months. From what I can see everyone heals differently, just as they get sick differently. Don’t give up!

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