Viral meningitis 4 months after

I found this website on my own after reading and reading all over the Internet to find people who could relate to me. I was diagnosed with viral meningitis in August. It is now almost 5 months later and I am really struggling to deal with everything. I have more energy now and don't get headaches very often but my body does ache and my elbows and knees bother me sometimes. I am 26 years old with two young children. If I do not get enough sleep or am really stressed, I feel terrible for a week or more. It is really hard feeling completely normal one day and then the next just feeling like someone just pulled the rug out from under you. Reading other people's post and experiences helps some. This has been a challenge physically, mentally, and definitely emotionally!

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  • Some days I feel pretty normal and other days my emotions are all over the place and I just want to cry. I've always been an emotional person but not like this. I just want to be okay again.

  • Jwire hi,

    I'm so very sorry to hear that you've had VM and that you're having a tough time recovering. I am delighted you found this website, as you'll be able to read about other people's experiences and pick up some tips on how to cope and also, it'll help you to see you're not alone :)

    You don't say if you have talked to your GP about how you're feeling or if you've been in touch with Meningitis Now, who are wonderful with offering help and advice.

    I do want to say here that it will take some time for you to feel stronger. You have two young children to look after as well, which doesn't give you a lot of time to rest - 'pacing' yourself is the key here so, you will need to rest. Do you have family nearby who can help you?

    I wish you a very Happy New Year, keep well and take each day as it comes (no expectations, OK) and my best wishes to you for 2016 :)

  • Thank you! I have talked to my dr awhile back but didn't feel like I got much advice. My infectious disease dr just told me it takes time, which I understand but it is so very hard. I am in the U.S. So I have not contacted meningitis now. This website is basically where I've picked up anything I've learned about how it can make you feel afterwards. Thanks for your reply, it's hard to hold things in because I know that people who haven't had meningitis just don't know. I wish you a happy new year Also!

  • Sorry you have found yourself now in this group, it takes time, and your new " normal" isn't what you were before. I haven't found a lot of help from any doctors, more advice and treatments from this site , writing every thing down for apt with 12 year neurologist. While in hospital dec 8th with another meningitis attack from shingles the doctors wanted to give me shingles vaccine? I refused, this site helped me to see if you are immune compromised (ms) than that is NOT what a person needs. Take it easy , hard to do with small children, I can't imagine what you must be going thru. If you have people in your life maybe sending a few select messages that match what your symptoms are can help them understand. I sent them to my husband, he wasn't clueless, but really opened his eyes to my non exsisting energy levels, and on going ear and headache pain. Wish you the best for the new year, better health, the return of endurance that this condition steals from an individual, joy in your heart for your family. Lower the bar for all tasks, life doesn't measure cleanliness, ask for help even if it's difficult, people really will lend a hand if they know you need it. Take care gramsona

  • Thank you. I have family to help but emotionally I am all over the place. I try to be positive and happy but sometimes I just get really sad and depressed. I am so thankful for everyday with my family just wish I was 100% for them!

  • I know how you feel its the same for me.

  • I'm sorry you feel this way! Have you found anything that helps?

  • Hi i know how you feel! I was diagnosed nearly 4 months ago & I still feel as bad as I did when I first got it as I have seizures from inflammation on the brain caused from the virus so its hard especially with having to work as well as my work place though at beginning supported me now just ignore me & have been called a hypercondriac so am getting quite depressed & feel like theres no end in sight to the pain so know there ARE people who understand what you going through xx

  • Thank you! I'm sorry you feel so terrible still. Praying it gets better for you.

  • Hi jwire,

    I am now at the 4 month mark post VM and just came across the post looking through the Meningitis Now archives.  I feel very similar - much more energy than 2 months ago, but still lots of difficulty with enough energy to get through a day with 2 young kids.

    How are you feeling now that you're 8-9 months post VM?  I'm looking for some inspiration for the road ahead that things will get easier/better.



  • I have a lot more good days now but still struggle with soreness in my back and neck going down through my arms. I don't have much strength in my arms which is probably my own fault because I haven't forced myself to try and build some strength back up in that area and I'm a hair stylist so having my arms up all day doesn't really help. Just hoping for complete healing like everyone else on this page is. Thankful for how far I've come but would love to be 95% 

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