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Meningitis B Vaccine

THE UK’s first lifesaving vaccine for Meningitis B, the most common cause of bacterial meningitis in the UK, is now available – but only if purchased privately– making it beyond most people’s means. Read more information on our website:

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Glad that there are advancements being made in this area.This vaccine is going to be used for college students in the U,S.


I cannot find anywhere in the Coventry area to give the Meningitis B vaccine privately to my 7 year old Grandson. Can anyone advise me?


If you are interested in obtaining the vaccine privately, we would suggest asking at your GP surgery in the first instance. Some GP’s will offer the vaccine with a private prescription. If the GP surgery is not able to offer this, ask them if they can suggest anywhere locally that you can contact.

If the above does not help, it will be a case of finding a private clinic in your area. Most private clinics, offering the vaccine, do seem to be based in the main cities so you may have to travel. I would suggest searching on the internet using terms such as “vaccine clinics or travel vaccine clinics” (sounds strange but some travel vaccine clinics are offering the vaccine) “private clinics” or “private GP practice” as well as MenB vaccine.

Private clinics are charging up to £150/dose and some will add an extra admin or an initial consultation fee. Depending on age, between 2 and 4 doses are required for the vaccine to be effective.

Hope this is of some help.


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