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Can a 25yr old male get the Meningitis ACWY vaccine?

Recently there have been more and more news articles regarding Meningitis W and how teens are being offered a vaccine on the NHS, this is a concern for me as I am currently in the process of starting my own company which will have me working closely with kids and teens. Plus the girl (21 yrs old) I am seeing is in university so this adds to my concerns too.

The question is should I get the vaccine and would I have to get it privately?



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I think it is offered to 14 - 18 yr olds and new university entrants. The only possibility for you is to find out if there is somewhere in your locality where you can pay to have it but that is usually very expensive. Can only suggest that you ring the Meningitis Now helpline as they would be able to advise you if you can seek it 'privately' as will not be available to you on NHS. Has your girlfriend had it because she is at greater risk and if she has then that reduces your risk via her.

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Not yet we are only in our early days but i will suggest it to her.

Thanks for your reply.


I run my own company and because it would be directly related to your trade or profession you can put the cost of the vaccine through your company as an expense. This means you pay the equivalent amount less corporation tax as a result so it's effectively revenue neutral i.e. It doesn't cost you anything since had you not paid for the vaccine you would have paid the same amount in corporation tax. Limited company rather than sole trader is the best route for this in my experience.


If I were you I'd just pay for it no matter the cost, if I'd have known about this disease before hand I would've got the vaccine and I'd still be here with all my fingers and toes. So if it seems expensive privately, it's definitely worth it


Hi S1991 - yes, you can have this vaccine done privately, providing it's still available in a hospital or clinic near you. There was 'a run' on the vaccine last year and a lot of places were either low on their stocks or out of stock completely on it. I had the Men W jab last year (Sept) and I had it done jointly with Men B (which is given over 2 sessions). It's expensive but worth every penny, in my book :) Good Luck finding a private clinic or hospital.


Thanks for your replies everyone, it looks like i can get it done at lloyds pharmacy for £50, so I'm going to get it there.


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