Bacterial meningitis

Hello, i'm just confused about my health if this can be cured or not, my physiotherapist told me that there's no way to be treated me and when I research my health this can be treated I don't know who is telling the truth can u help me? My parents told me that i have bacterial meningitis when many people are around me my left feet and left hand started to tense but they aren't paralyse. I only using my right hand and my right feet is walking properly when i was 7 months years old until now i'm already 17 turning 18 i still have bacterial meningitis. I just want to know if this can be treated or cured? I just want to be a normal i just want to walk properly but I can't. I just want to use my left hand but I can't

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  • Hello Eunice. Am I understanding correctly that you had Bacterial Meningitis when you were an infant? However, at whatever age you had the the Bacterial Meningitis it will have been treated with antibiotics and you will have recovered from the infection. So now you do not still have Bacterial Meningitis but the problems you are experiencing are the after effects of having had the BM illness. BM is a sudden and serious/life threatening illness and can cause damage at the time which leaves us with various life long problems. For me it has left me with a frontal brain injury and balance problems etc. Any improvement in the after effects usually takes place in the following months and year or so. So what your physio has tried to explain is that they think no further recovery can happen because of the damage done by the Bacterial Meningitis. You do not now still have Bacterial Meningitis.

  • If you still have Bacterial Meningitis then you should be in hospital receiving treatment with antibiotics as it is a very serious illness and I think some types can be passed to others. Have you had a lumber puncture to confirm the diagnosis and which type of BM it is?

    You have removed your reply to my first message in which you said you still have Meningitis, and the paragraph above in this reply, was my response. Why did you remove your reply saying you still have Bacterial Meningitis?

  • I didn't mean that sorry if I deleted my reply.

    I can't remember because i was just baby but recently I haven't diagnosed yet.

  • Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

    Why do you think you have Bacterial Meningitis? If you did have it then you would have become suddenly and seriously ill. So if you haven't then I don't think it would be bacterial meningitis.

  • Because my parents told me then when i was 7 months years old i had high fever they took me at hospital for 1 week then my left arm and feet suddenly effected then the doctor said it was bacterial meningitis

  • I thought that was what I understood from your post that you had Bacterial Meningitis. So I go back to my first response where I explained to you that when you had BM as an infant you went into hospital and the infection would have been treated with antibiotics. BM is not a long term illness, it is treated and the infection resolves. If since when you had BM you have had ongoing problems with your feet and hands, and that wasn't how you were since you were born, then that is the after effects/damage that the BM caused when you were ill with the BM infection. Unless any other condition has occurred since but that wouldn't be because of having BM as an infant. We are all susceptible to developing other conditions throughout our lives.

    In your original post I am thinking that you edited out 'bells palsy' because it is a listed word at the bottom of the post. Have you been told you have Bell's palsy?

  • No my face look like the other people i'm not paralysed

  • My physiotherapist told me it was spasm my muscle sudden uncontrolled

  • I'd suggest giving Meningitis Now a call and just run it past them, they'll be able to at least put you in touch with a professional who can help. Quite frankly a physiotherapist is not expected to know about childhood bacterial meningitis

    Helpline 0808 80 10 388

    Particularly if your planning to attend university its worth being Meningitis Aware.

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