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section 117 aftercare


My son is on a section 117 aftercare and has just moved into a care home. The manager has told us his DLA/ESA will now be reduced because he is living there. My understanding is all his care is paid for jointly by the CCG and Social services. Is it correct that they should be taking his benefits away to pay for his care?

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Hi I lived in secure residential care for many years.

They take the care part of the DLA/PIP away as you are assumed to have all your needs met in residential care which is not true in complex cases mine included.

I was also under a 117 for years after I was released from a learning disability hospital,i might still be under it I don’t know,I don’t get told a lot.

if no one has answered you tomorrow I’ll send the care facility manager here an email to see if he knows as I know he is in tomorrow and I’ll get back to you.

Gabyez in reply to LDAutie

Thank you for your reply. I think you are correct about them taking away the care part of DLA as this is what everything I'm researching comes back and tells me. As with you and your section 117, you can only be taken of section 117 after your care team (social worker and care coordinator) have assessed you as no longer needing mental health aftercare, and they would need to inform you (with a letter) that you have been taken off this section. Take care


Hi Gabyez Thanks for posting this question. There is quite a lot of information about ESA (and other benefits) on Mencap's website here

But as always with these sort of things so many things can affect benefit claims. Please do call our Learning Disability Helpline if you would like to chat to someone about this. Call them on 0808 808 1111 or email

Best wishes


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