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UTC, PIP and residential college

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My son is 20 and disabled. He’s in receipt of UTC, the higher rate meaning he doesn’t have to look for work, and enhanced rate of PIP. He started as a termly boarder at a specialist college 2 weeks ago, so he’ll be home 14 weeks of the year and some weekends. As his appointee I phoned DWP to inform them. Question 1 , they informed me because his care is funded 100% by CHC the mobility and care component will be suspended which is a problem as he has a motability car. I thought, and this is the case for nearly all the young adults in his residence, that mobility was not affected. Second question is carers allowance, they’ve sent me a form to fill in when I am caring for him but if he’s not getting PIP anymore am I still entitled? Last question will his UTC be affected at all, this is the only place I’ve not been able to get hold of yet. TIA

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ShueCommunity friend

Hi BenjiB, it's so annoying and time consuming that you have to source all the information yourself. I can only suggest you contact the helpline on 0808 808 1111 or email helpline@mencap.org.uk. I hope you get the answers you need. Best wishes.

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Hi there. I think you might struggle to get Carers Allowance if he doesn't get Personal Independence Payment - daily living component. I'd see if there is a carers centre near you and they have loads of support for carers and will probably have a benefits expert who could help and advise.

It might also be worth asking the specialist college if they have anyone who could advise you. You can't be the only person to face these issus (although it might feel that way).

Best of luck untangling all this.

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BenjiB in reply to crazysquirrel

Yes I thought it was weird. I sent them a change of circumstances form with details of what was what.they sent me back a form to fill in every week. Obviously most weeks it’ll be empty but school holidays it will be back to full time again. I’m not sure if his PIP works the same way.

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Charlie2750Community friend

If CHC means Continuing Health Care this is normally given to people with severe disabilities and they would normally be paid for by the NHS. Using abbreviations is difficult because we all read them differently.If you do mean Continuing Health Care you will not normally get the other benefits as well because all his needs(not wants) should be factored in during the CHC Assessment. What is UTC is it the same as ESA(employment support allowance) because if it is then possibly you or he may lose that as well.

Hi thank you. Yes CHC is continuing healthcare. They pay for the social and care needs at college. I’ve now spoken to UTC (universal tax credit) , and it’s not affected luckily. Even though they pay for his health needs he still needs money for clothes and personal items especially in college holidays so I’m glad it’s not affected.

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Charlie2750Community friend in reply to BenjiB

Yes I know it as universal credit and my son gets a top up of that alongside his PIP and ESA. I realize that if an elderly person goes into residential care funded mostly by SS they or the DWP wil stop their pension well actually use that in the working out but they always leave a sum "pocket money" for extras but it did not amount to much because they assume that mostly all essentials are supplied but the £15-25 per week will buy some bits. I use that sum because it used to be about that some 10 years ago when I worked with social workers.

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BenjiB in reply to Charlie2750

Yes if funding comes from social services you have to pay towards your care. When my son was SS funded he had to pay most of his money out for his respite care but as his funding is via CHC now he doesn’t have to pay towards his care.

Dear @BenjiB

Where a person has their care funded by the NHS, it is correct that the mobility component can be suspended because they are considered to be living in a ‘hospital or similar institution’. This applies where a person receives inpatient medical treatment or professional nursing care and the NHS is under a duty to provide the accommodation free of charge.

As other contributors have stated, you may be able to claim carer’s allowance for the periods your son is at home if your son is claiming PIP, even if he is not receiving the benefit during the time that he is at his residential college. You should claim carer’s allowance and, if you meet the eligibility criteria, let the DWP know about the periods your son is at home in order for him to receive PIP and for you to receive your carer’s allowance.

As suggested by crazysquirrel, it can be good to get some face to face benefits advice at a carers’ service, or citizens advice bureau. You can find local advice agencies at turn2us.org.uk.

Best wishes,


Learning Disability Helpline

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Charlie2750Community friend in reply to LDHelpline_Mencap

Hi BenjiB

I was just revisiting this post and would like to clarify the last respondents reply. CHC can also be given for care at the "patient's" own home .The funding is about getting people out of hospital but ensuring that they get the same professional care "as if" they were still in hospital.In their home the costs might be for a lot more but mobility might be able to be factored in to this costing.

I trust you got it all sorted.

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BenjiB in reply to Charlie2750

Hi yes all sorted now. My son lives in a residential college and is funded 100% by CHC. His UC wasn’t affected and he “should” still be receiving his PIP when he’s at home, however it’s still not sorted out. I’m also supposed to receive carers allowance for when he’s home but that’s not sorted either. It’s frustrating because his placement is 38 weeks so I still can’t get a proper job.

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