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Shaving. Electric razor suggestions please.


Hello, I'm new here. My brother has learning difficulties, but lives independently. He manages his own self care fairly well, but struggles with shaving. We are finding it difficult to find an electric shaver which works effectively for him. (He is unable to do a wet shave.) Can anyone recommend a good electric shaver please? Thanks

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We have always got the Philips rotary shavers for our son, he finds them easy to use. There are several models, the faster charging ones are more expensive. If you shop around you can usually find a good offer.

Thank you, that's really helpful!

Hey Noebardoes , welcome to the forum! My brother has learning disabilities and also struggles with shaving. I find reviews on amazon quite helpful when looking at new products, Which also tend to have good reviews too. Come back and let us know how you get on. All the best, Fx

Thank you I will!

My brother is also unable to wet shave and uses an electric shaver. I agree that amazon is the best place to start as the reviews are very helpful.

It might be helpful to get him to dhave more often than normal. Perhaps nught and morning as part of their daily routine. We found that helped.

Thanks, I hadn't thought of that

My son uses a Braun electric shaver it’s simple and he uses it well

( except when he decided to shave his eyebrows 🤣) hey ho

Ha ha! I'll have a look at the different options now I have some suggestions. Thank you very much

Thank you!

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