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Christmas present ideas please

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My brother has an LD and is 46. He spends Christmas day with us each year, and we love it.

Shopping for my brother at Christmas tends to be very repetitive as he wants basically the same sort of things each year.

Over the last 10 years it has been all Harry Potter, so I am not short of things to buy for him.

Does anyone else end up doing this?

What are your repeat presents?

He also really likes Argos catalogues - I do hope they never stop making them.

Board game ideas?

We spent a lot of time playing board games. He’s very good as they aren’t too complex. Does anyone have any suggestions? We’ve got the basics, like dominoes /snakes and ladders/connect 4.. He is quite good at maths so I think he could cope with one with some adding up in there.


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That's amazing I don't really play board games but always fun to have them. What about Connect 4?

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Sarah_MencapAdministrator in reply to Harry_mencap

Thanks Harry. I love Connect 4 - the best version of it I ever played was a massive outdoor one. That would be an amazing present for someone!

what about Othello as a board game, the Logo game is good fun as well as pictionary, card games go down well with the people I support, particularly games like rummikub and Newmarket. Spoons is a laugh as well as Go Fish or Cheat (which can be challenging when one or more of the group have autism!)

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Great suggestions here. The Logo game is a great one - I had completely forgotten about it. I also really like card games - but I do seem to have forgotten a lot of them.

you tube, marvelous bit of kit - video demonstration, always the way to go!

Beetle drive always goes down well too!

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We play a lot of board games. One that is a bit mathsy (but not so as to put you off) is Qwixx. It has some dice too and is small enough to carry around. I'd really recommend it.

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ShueCommunity friend

You probably already have it but if not have a Harry Potter frustration game for £9.99. Best wishes.

Hi jow2319 what a great topic and I completely relate! My brother has LD and is 37 and CDs have been a repeat present for years!! He loves music and now has a huge collection.

Ooo board game ideas! I wonder if a strategy came like Agricola would be fun but may be too complex? (it's quite a long have a farm, you build it up, you have to 'buy' and 'spend' things so there is adding up).

There are also card games that are a little different to traditional ones - such as Port Royal? It has a pirate theme, and again there's 'adding' and 'spending' of 'money' and a points system. There's also Splendour. Not sure if that deviates too much from the board though - you do lay the cards out as if to create a board, so it is more like a board game in that sense than in a card game such as Wist or 21.

Have fun, and let us know what you buy! Fx

Can we meet please sent me your photo please so I can see who is this person ok

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We haven't bought any board games recently but we have had some.Tummy Ache is a simple game for children with cards to collect to make a meal but some cards have things that are not suitable and you shout tummy aches and that ends game for that person.Junior monopoly and shopping trolley are still available from Amazon or Orchard toys.Too late for this christmas but could be a good for birthday or just an extra.

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