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Vitamin D?


So here’s a question : is it OK to take a Vitamin D supplement ( 1000-2000 iu) while on Bratovi / Mektovi . I have been trying to find this answer but no luck yet . I have read that if a person’s Vit D blood level it low , the chance of developing melanoma is higher and also people with low vit D levels have a harder time if they get Covid 19 . So, would it be beneficial to take a supplement? My internist has had me taking 2000 iu for years but I don’t know if it is safe to take Vit D while also taking BRAF inhibitors . The liver and kidneys work so hard when people are on melanoma treatments. I’d hate to make them work harder without a good reason. If anyone has info, please share.

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Ryan has been taking vitamin D at 2,000 IU a day. He’s been doing that since September/October of 2018. The palliative care doctor has recommended it with multiple other vitamins. He has been on the BRAF meds and he was a complete responder to those for a while.

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