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Melanoma treatment Keytruda in conjunction with Yervoy. Outcomes?

My husband has melanoma, non-resectable Stage IV. He also has CLL. So far he has been treated with opdivo which reduced the tumors initially but had to be discontinued due to hemolytic anemia brought on by the CLL. Chemo was initiated which reduced his white cell count and allowed his red blood cell count to return to a normal level. He then resumed Opdivo but the tumors showed an acceleration in size. So, Odivo was discontinued and Keytruda was initiated. After three treatment the C-scan showed a further acceleration of tumor sizes. His oncologist is considering adding yervoy to the keytruda but has been hesitant due to possible serious side effects. Has anyone had any experience with taking Keytruda/Yervoy and if so what was the outcome?

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My sister did the ipi/nivo combined treatment and when that seemed to fail we moved to keytruda with a combo of dabrafenib and trametinib. She had some side effects but nothing that wasn't tolerable. Though this combo with keytruda is not working, we are now looking at new clinical trials that may be phase 1 or 2 trial. Waiting to see how brain scan is to see if she is accepted. Good luck.

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We are currently exploring multiple combination therapies. But I don't currently have this experience. Please continue to share your journey with us. Missy


My son was in s clinical trial with Opdivo and ippy but had to be pulled due to its toxicity to his liver.


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