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I wrote to my MP about lack of support in advice about my Homocysteine and low across the board in vitamins he sent all to the GP who in early December said he has sent to the immunologist who I saw a few years ago waste of time that was, but can try again,the doc said he he is just a local doctor and doesn’t know about Homocysteine but see what the immunologist says.

I have had CFS over ten years now and it’s getting worse.

last year we were going to move but it all went wrong and on top of that I had two cancer scares but thank god they were ok and not cance but had to wait two weeks to get results found out all clear start of September but I was so stressful

from April to September so much stress but by October all stress improved but I feel worse and don’t understand why.

Blood tests all negative and thyroid too. Had bloods done early summer.

My vision though is a different thing in October I started having buzzing in my head think it’s the same as ringing in ears but haven’t seen doc for it and the vision it’s like I am looking at things but it’s not real like 3D or glass can’t explain it don’t know why I am like that.

I don’t know what’s going on:(.

Oh I had my bloods done again in October and had B12 done as well even though I was still on the B12 spray which been on for over two years., my bloods showed my B12 of 1500 so doc said no way would he give me B12 injections with that level as was looking at them due to deiffinces in vitamins especially B vitamins., I tried explaining that it’s down to the the spray and not all B12 I will be absorbing but he said he didn’t understand it all so sent letter to immunologist, I said all I want is a another Homocysteine blood test done which can be done at the hospital but it’s like asking for the moon.

I had my cholesterol taken at a chemist a few weeks ago and the good cholesterol was about right but all together it had gone up from 5.1 to 5.68, the thing is I have started since last year eating meat red meat, pork, eggs due to the low B vitamins but now I don’t know do I cut down and go down to eating veggies or not it’s so confusing.

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Have you ever been tested for gut Candida albicans. Lots of symptoms can present as CFs but are actually caused by an overgrowth of Candida in the gut.....eye problems associated too.

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Julie87 in reply to Dooblin

No I haven’t and doc won’t do anymore tests.

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Julie87 in reply to Dooblin

Hi is it a blood test to be done for that? And would it show in a normal blood test.? Having a lot of gut issues right now.

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