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Pots weird blood test ?


Hey i was just wondering if any one could help me i have dysautomia pots plus me/cfs plus histimine intolerance and far few other things that my tierd finger won't let me type (i have normal person cold on top all this swear somone hates me up there!)i get to point does any no anythink about polycythaemic my blood test vome bk saying am mildly this am wondering if cause i am" always" classed dyhdrated cause my pots that this has caused that? Also my haemoglobin is 167g/l my haemoatocrit is 0.478 my folate low so my vitamin d my ferrtin was really low for years like 4 now it 241ug/l after tablets for three years that confussed me alot as six month ago was only 70 .i been having emergency saline infussion quite alot for my pots wondering if this has cause it raise?any help would be great sm a mum two married two children seem to be getting iller iller just want my life back hope u all well as can be

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The only thing I can comment on is the VIt D and we, ME sufferers along with those from cooler climes, do indeed suffer low Vit D levels.

I suppose I can also definitely say low iron wont help with feelings of tiredness and lethargy

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