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Weight Issues?

Hi, I have found that since being struck by this illness that I am no longer the active person that I was. Before this illness I could be found working in my fulltime job, out riding my horse 6 days a week for a couple of hours at a time, out photographing horse events at the weekend and I rarely stopped.

I have piled on the weight since being house-bound (18 months). I rarely missed a day with my ponies and yet now, it has been 12 days since I last even saw them. How do you keep yourself relatively healthy? I want to go out and exercise but I don't know where to start.

Do you manage exercise and how do you control your weight gain?

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Hi I am in the same boat. I rarely go out and have put loads of weight on. I am like you I need to exercise but haven't got the energy to do so. I manage to take my two dogs out for a 15 minute walk and that is it.

I really just wanted you to know that there are other people out there in the same situation.

take care

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Me too - I just avoid mirrors these days!

If anyone out there is managing to keep weight off or lost weight without exercising it would be magic to hear from them.



I have pretty much the same problem as you, was active, then began to feel exhausted and in pain and so became less active, so gained weight and became less active, so gained more weight....

A year ago I was rambling and walking every week but I haven't managed to go anywhere for the last 10 weeks and have had 6 viral infections in the last 9 months. My GP didn't suggest the cause but simply put me on Duloxetine which resulted in my experiencing night terrors (sleep paralysis wherein I am half awake but cannot move my bopdy, terrifying!) so I came off it again. Now I am focussing upon becoming an Expert Patient as all the evidence is that people who do that have better responses to treatment and better outcomes - google the term to see for yourself :)

So, my thoughts are - Has your GP done blood tests to ensure all your levels are ok? My GP says mine are all 'normal' whatever that means - but other health professionals I have asked say my symptoms do sound as if I may well have a thyroid deficiency. I take Vitamin D (has your GP checked your levels) and I assume you have a healthy diet so apart from that you are unlikely to be lacking intake of vitamins and minerals, but your body may not be absorbing all of them

Then there is the diagnosis of fibro... You do not say why you have been housebound, whether it is due to pain, feeling exhausted, flu-like symptoms, etc. I presume your being housebound is the result of symptoms of fibro but wonder why they have had such an extreme effect upon your life. For me that would suggest the symptoms are not being managed well enough.

I do know a lot of people with fibro will say you cannot expect to be doing what you were before your fibro began and that may be true, but there are a lot of different treatments around and I would expect your symptoms to be able to be managed well enough for you to live a reasonably full life as long as you pace yourself. So... I am wondering what the symptoms are, what meds you are on, whether your have been investigated for overlapping diagnoses such as ME/post-viral syndrome, etc. With more information perhaps we can help you to tease your symptoms apart in order to suggest ways you might deal with each of them.


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