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Canary in a Coal Mine

Canary in a Coal Mine (working title) follows the lives of several remarkable people living with a Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ("Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"), a mysterious and devastating disease.

They are forced to leave careers they loved, abandon the dream of having children, or face the prospect of being locked away forever in their homes and bedrooms. Worse still, most doctors, and sometimes those closest to them, don't even believe they're really ill.

And yet, surprising things can sometimes grow from these dark places. How would you begin to nourish your body if every food you ate, every object you touched had the capacity to cripple or heal you? How would you fill your life, and what would you toss aside, if you only had three hours a day to live it? What worlds would unfold before your eyes if everything you knew suddenly came to a grinding halt?

Canary in a Coal Mine is about the human consequences of a medical system that is ill-equipped to treat an illness that challenges its every assumption, the danger of ignorance, and the power of a name. It’s the story of a community of millions that to most of the world is invisible.


The film is due for release in 2015 - worth watching out for

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Thanks for this. Shall watch out for this. Wishing them all well in their mission. Alice


Be taken seriously hard believing that should be so big a mission.


Yes, the ignorance involved is unbelievable isn't it, have you watched Voices from the Shadows by any chance?


Yes I bought several copies when the DVD came out and passed them around they helped with understanding for quite a few that knew no more than tiredness.

They were a hard watch as Kay Gilderdales book One Last Goodbye and Sophia Mirza story are a glimpse into the stuff of nightmares.


Yes, the DVD was hard to watch, sad and shocking. Hoping there will be much more awareness and comprehension forthcoming from this new year forward.


As a community we are where MS was forty years ago with enough support we should be at least as well understood in the future.

The subtitles with sound off worked for me on this explanation

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Wow, this video is brilliant, I love it. It sums up the ME situation in a nutshell - very well for both complete novices who know nothing about ME and equally is reassuring for longstanding patients who know loads.

Thanks for posting Ian123!




Your welcome slowmotion I will try for more information when the film is released.


As promised follow the updates here


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