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New to site, nervous. Tips on exercise, weight loss and working day tips needed


I'm new to this site, was diagnosed last January after 2 years of tests following my 3rd miscarriage. I have undergone the lifestyle management programme however I find this is useful for when I'm at home but not when I'm working (I work 4 days a week 28 hrs a week). Does anyone have any tips for helping me get through my working day?

I've recently experienced my first boom and bust in February after doing too much and working too hard in December and January and was off work for 4 weeks. I've only recently started back at work and don't want to have another boom and bust episode.

Also weight... I've put on 3 stone in the past 3 years since this condition started, mainly due to the fatigue I experience everyday but also due to the constant muscle aches and joint pain. I need to loose weight and I've tried but I don't seem to get far. I'm trying the free NHS loose weight plan but has anyone any tips?

Also exercise I want to include something in my daily routine but I'm not sure what? Any tips would be helpful.

Thank you in advance

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i would strongly suggest that you check out pacing in .m.e on the pheonix rising site. if you continue to push yourself it can lead to a real and permenant reduction in your health and ability to function you only have so much fuel in the tank and eventually the supply will not return to its previous levels. its two years since my last crash and i have not regained my previous levels at all.

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Repeated miscarriages, fatigue, pain, weight gain, inability to loose weight - these are all classic signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism. Has this been investigated at all?

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No they haven't I will mention that thank you x

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You might want to think about listing on the ThyroidUK board on here. You'll get lots if advice.


Hi Becky,

I've had the condition CFS for a few years and had a relapse about a month ago - I got flu in December and then every week since our two children have brought a different cold home; I made it to February but was completely worn out and had to cut back everything. I also had to take antibiotics for an infection.

December is a hazard every year as like most people, I get dragged into doing too much, even too many shopping trips. Next year I'm going to get the flu jab and book plenty of holiday for January.

I'm also trying to lose weight following the NHS plan. It's going well so far, I've lost over half a stone, eating three small meals a day with no snacks and no alcohol. I find herbal tea helps the hunger pangs which after about a week subsided. My previous attempts to be more active and lose the weight that way failed.

I work three days a week, I struggle to manage it and have to be careful that I don't injure myself as I'm prone to accidents and falls as the demands on me increase. I tend to snack at work to stay awake, this I think was causing gradual weight gain combined with alcohol at night, which despite being fairly low level was packed with calories.



Oh maybe I will have to rest more December and January. Yes I eat chocolate to keep awake at work x


beckyk1987 Is there anywhere at work you can rest during the lunch break. I managed to get use of the first aid room for a lie down lunch time which helped me through the day providing it wasn't needed for first aid purposes. Boom and bust doesn't work as I know.

Also I found employers do not notice or appreciate the extra effort/hours you put in only when you are off sick. Despite working my working long hours when there were problems to be solved when it came round to pay rise time I was told I wouldn't get one as I had been off sick. My employer was more than happy for me to get them out of situations, including not paying financial penalties but when push came to shove for a pay rise they didn't want to take that into account. Only my sick absence record counted.

It is so easy to reach for chocolate when you feel tired if nothing else it is comfort eating to make you feel better but when the weight goes on you don't feel as good. I use to take fruit to work to try to avoid chocolate.

You also have to learn to say no to some social invitations and schedule in rest time.

If you can go home on time and do not push yourself too hard whilst you are a work.

Both are easy to say but can be difficult to do.


I gained weight also and no matter what I did I couldn't lose an ounce, then I realised amitriptyline tablets can cause weight gain, I was having dreadful nightmares to and hair loss so I stopped taking them, slowly my weight is lowering but it's not easy as I am unable to exercise, my hubby/carer is in hospital now so things are very stressful. Good luck for the future x


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