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Neglegent doctors

I have had health issues since I was born and now, so sick that I am afraid for my life. I hate doctors and have a severe fear of them by how I've been treated, lack of, them never believing me or listening. I am only 40 and live in bed when I should be having the time of my life. Every symptom is blamed on anxiety and a reason to treat and street me. I have many visible symptoms and scary ones and they still do nothing. I am having heart problems with kidney pain, severe edema, can't lay flat without feeling like I'm drowning and a horrible cough at night. I fainted a few days ago and they still did nothing. I wake up vomiting almost every day or it wakes me up. Awesome!! The only test my Dr ran was a carboxyhemaglobin and was very high. I don't smoke and, he did nothing. I have a nervous system disorder called "dysautonomia /pots syndrome " that is horrible. That is getting worse. I have a disease in every organ and I am very afraid if someone doesn't do something, I won't live very long. The fact that I am so sick and being treated so poorly is giving me horrible anxiety and almost can't do this anymore. I HATE doctors!! I have never had so much hate in my life!!!!! I don't know what to do and not having a Dr to help me, will not end well. These drs killed my aunt. She was in the er all the time with stomach pain and nausea. They profiled her as a drug seeker , anxiety and to loose weight. She found a Dr to believe her but to late. She had cancer in her intestines and died a few years ago. Not every thing is anxiety!!!! I was treated like shit for 30 years and was diagnosed with the dysautonomia about 3 years ago. I wasn't anxiety and I was being treated like that???? Dr's judge you by how you look, what your wearing, if your wearing makeup etc. They write that in your records, even at the er. It pisses me off so much! I hope I end up dead. At least they might start believing in their patients when the patients are the ones who know THEIR bodies!!!!! I would love to visit a Dr who was in bed throwing up and in pain. I would laugh and spit in their face. I wonder how they would feel to be sick and have no one help them or give a shit!!! I only know my health is going down hill very fast and I guess time will tell..

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It sounds like you are having a hard time of it.. Ignore the doctors warped view of your illness they do not get taught about it.. So literally most are in the dark about it.

Please don't take it personally I can identify with the treatment you've been getting they are wrong but for your own sake put it down to ignorance. it's easy for such a thing to get to us but if we focus on it you'll just be in a circle of emotional stress. You'll end up feeling worse email if you give your name and surgery address they can send your doctor and information pack or try M.E action or M.E association there is plenty of help out there that's what you should focus on. We have to search for it ourselves unfortunately, there is always people who can help especially on here.. :)


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