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Chronic Fatigue

I had chronic fatigue, or so they said, 20 years ago, which I overcame.

Then last year I over exercised and my ferritin iron showed as very low. Same symptoms as the CFS. I now wonder if that is what the CFS was all along.

This post is to recommend to anyone, especially menstruating women, who have been diagnosed with CFS, to make sure that you have your iron levels checked. And when you do, make sure that you know the numbers. Because the doctor could just tell you it is normal. And the normal range is so large around 29-300, that you could be on the lower end of normal. Just as they are finding with B12, some believe the so called "normal" ranges for iron are way too low. And there are some doctors who don't even believe that ferritin iron results causes fatigue! Most likely men, who don't loose iron every month!

One doctor on a website I found said that many women feel better when their ferritin goes over 50. So you should aim for good level, not just on the fringe of the lower level.

If any of the following relate to you, than you need to get your iron checked out.

Your period makes you more tired.

You don't eat a lot of red meat, or iron rich foods.

You used to exercise a lot before CFS (because exercise can deplete iron)

You had your iron tested, and were told it was normal, but you never asked for the numbers.

You have not had your iron tested.

Get your iron tested, and if it is low, start taking iron and get it tested every 3 months.

Any good doctor would agree to this.

And once you get your iron levels up, keep taking a maintenance dose to ensure you have your RDA, and get it checked regularly.

Have a look at the post.

How much iron do you take and in what form, to see what supplements work best.

Blessings to you.

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