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High Blood Plasma Viscosity


Just been tested for lupus as my symptoms have changed to joint pain and extreme headaches as well as fatigue. The autoimmune profile came back clear but the blood plasma viscosity came back high, its meant to be between 1.55 and 1.72 and mine is 1.88.

The GP has said that more tests need to be done but that they don't know what, so been referred to a neurologist.

Has anyone else experienced this or know what could be causing this?

Thanks :)

p.s. my serum creatinine which was tested before my CFS/ME diagnosis has always been high but hasn't been tested recently, and an ultrasound was done in 2014.

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I had a lot of joint pain at a stage, well everything ached! On advice from my Dr I followed advice another patient of his got from a specialist and went gluten and dairy free. This eased a lot of my pain, (not all unfortunately :( ) . I would find I get more headaches the more I ahve to focus when I am tired.

I've since learned that people with ME can develop food intolerances as I had previously enjoyed dairy and wheat with no ill effects. I trace my ME back to an acute event some 14 years ago which resolved until it reappeared and became more chronic a few years ago which means I was initially OK and then became intolerant, this MIGHT be the case with you. Worst case scenario you miss buns for a couple of weeks :)

I miss all the goodies but my waist thanks me :)

Hope you get to the root of the pain, it can be very draining.


Yeah I am pretty much completely gluten free and don't tend to eat much dairy - but I'll keep an eye on my symptoms after having them!

My headaches are pretty much constant and the dr thinks they are constant migraines cause when it's really bad it's intense on one side of my head and spreads over to the other side but not as bad.

Hopefully won't have to wait too long to see the neurologist and hopefully they'll be able to suggest or test something useful!

Got A Levels in 6 weeks so need to be able to sit them :/


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Good luck in your exams. Hope you get relief soon.

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Thank you!


Possibly Hughes Syndrome/APS?? It is auto immune, but you can have it and be sero-negative apparently. There's a website where you can find out more if you google it. There are specific tests. Not widely known about and the neurologist may or may not be aware of it. Also a support group here on HU.


Okay thanks :) I'll have google!


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