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Injury prevents hm but not grumpy

johnm1210 Miles

Hello Vrbs.

Well it was all going so well. 17k run np. Running in rain and cold np. Then I went on holiday. I would recommend Cortina if you like to ski in spectacular scenery with no crowds. Then on my second run down a lovely black run.... I fell over. No big issue I thought. Actually a calf muscle tear. Ouch. Got home, limping a bit. Physio was fantastic, said she would do her best etc. Yesterday she was super professional and said "well I think we could get this to the point where you could do the half marathon in March but I'm concerned that something might break at mile 10"

My thinking? She knows her job, dont be a muppet etc

So I called cancer care uk, and they were fantastic . I have cancelled Cambridge hm and will now do Richmond hm in September. Now feeling super positive despite not running atm.

My key message. ... well Kipchoges record is not under threat, I am 62 years old and want to keep running as long as possible AND I really want to do this.

Cant wait to get running again! Cheers vrbs

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AgelesslassMetric Marathon

Sorry you got injured, I love skiing but haven’t been for a few years now, loved Italy for it. Pleased you could shift your hm and all is looking good for a speedy recovery. Love the tape by the way.

Madge50Half Marathon

That’s some impressive taping! ......glad you’ll still have your goal, Cambridge can wait for another time...........wishing you a speedy recovery


johnm1210 Miles in reply to Madge50

Yes Physio said it was for a purpose! Mind you she did find the rainbow colured bruising stangely amusing! All good and thanks for your good wishes.

Sandraj39Half Marathon

So sorry about your injury but the longer I run, the more I realise that injuries happen and then we recover and get back to our training and smash those goals! You have clearly made the right decision and now can focus on a good recovery without feeling pressurized to do more than your calf is ready for. Good luck.🙂

johnm1210 Miles in reply to Sandraj39

Thankyou... As that cultural ICON Arnie would say " I'll be back"


My favourite colour tape 😍. I know from experience that once you've cancelled and made new plans, a sort of peace descends and we can be so much more positive about the recovery period. (I also know it sucks 😥). It will feel so wonderful to be back out there when you can, and just imagine how much nicer the weather will be! In the meantime ask the physio what you CAN do - swimming? Cycling? Chair cardio? You may not have to lie on the couch the whole time and anything you do now will make your comeback easier and safer. Speedy healing.

johnm1210 Miles in reply to linda9389

Thanks Linda. I can swim ( just off now) and gentle use of cycle machine. Yeah quite remarkable, mood shift from being grumpy to being optimistic. Much better for everyone!

linda9389Moderator in reply to johnm12

That's really good. Well done! Stay positive 😀


Oh flippin eck! Best laid plans ey. Tsk

Take it easy and you'll be back out there real soon. Eat healthy, sleep well and mend!

Swimming sounds wonderful. Use the weight-bearing machines to start with

Good luck ! Take care

Hi John, just read your post by searching for calf tear. I tore mine yesterday running. I too was training for HM, just got up to 14K. I'm just wondering how you got on with your recovery? I can barely put weight on mine at present. I'm wondering about booking a telephone/video consultation with a physio. Hope you have recovered well.

johnm1210 Miles in reply to Celeriac

Recovery has been fine but it takes a little time. I'd definitely recommend physio. The physio I went too knew exactly what she was doing but the healing process takes the time it takes. Once advised id recommend some regular cardio to keep fitness up but do take it steady. Hope that helps. I'm now regularly doing 5s and 10ks without problem. Good luck

Celeriac in reply to johnm12

Thanks for getting back to me, that is very helpful to know. At the moment I'm feeling somewhat forlorn as I can tell it's going go be a long recovery. It gives me hope to know that you are back to the running. 😊

Do you still feel there is a weakness there or are you able to be fairly confident when running?

johnm1210 Miles in reply to Celeriac

I have no worries now. I did build up again very gradually post injury and did the prescribed exercises. If you get the right treatment this will pass soon enough.

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