Morecambe HM

Hi guys,

I am thinking (rather maddly!) of entering the Morecambe HM at the end of June.

This would be my first HM and I feel a bit ridiculous in contemplating it however has anyone done it? Would it be a good first one to try?

My original plan was to do the Manchester HM in Oct but we're going to the US for 5 weeks in summer and whilst I fully intend to run over there I'm not too sure if I want the pressure of having to do longer runs in immense heat and unknown territory.

I ran 10 miles on Saturday and I hit a wall at 8.5 miles and had to walk for 45 secs to gather myself and then ran the remainder at 13.00 mins p/m which was a drop of over 90 secs p/m but I finished it in 1:57 which whilst 'slow' was ok for me as my usual run pace is around 5.5-5.75 mph for 10K but I only had water with me so I think on my next long run I'll try a gel at around 6 miles and see if it's any better. That said I wasn't aching on Sunday and went out and did 4 miles :-)

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  • I am a bit confused by your paces (maybe I have read them wrong?) 13/11.5 mins per mile and 5.5 mins per mile are very different(?) but that aside, if you are already managing 10 mile runs then you should be able to run a HM in June - go for it! 😀 I'm afraid I don't know what the Morecombe HM is like as I am 'down south' but good luck with the rest of your training. I did my first HM in March and still smile when I think of it. Enjoy!🙂

  • Sorry - 5.5 miles per hour so around 11 mins per mile.

  • Sorry, it's been a long day!! 🙂

  • I haven't tried the Morecambe half, but as it is flat and has lovely sea views it sounds like a great first HM! If it's near where you live then so much the better. And I agree with Sandra, you should be fine.

    Where in the US are you going? I went running as a tourist in Texas last year - it was jolly humid, but lovely anyway :)

  • It's about an hours drive so not too far. Hoping that whilst it'll have lovely views it won't have too much of a sea breeze lol as running into the wind is hard and tiring.

    We're spending 2 weeks driving Route 66 and the 3 weeks going around California

  • Ah yes - you need to arrange for just enough breeze to cool you down in the lovely June sunshine :)

    Sounds like a fabulous holiday! Oh, and California, that's a dry heat :D

  • You what? You WALKED? For a full 45 seconds???

    Seriously Marie, this is just not good enough. And to think that you call yourself a runner. Pfft! Serious running means RUNNING not WALKING. And even dreaming about a HM when you can't even run 10 miles prior to starting the training... you should just give up and sit on the couch instead and leave a space for a REAL runner. The shame!!!

    Ok. Hopefully that was so over-the-top that you know by now I don't mean a word of it :)

    Of course walking is ok. It's a great way to recover physically as well as mentally, and it makes gel-eating and drinking-from-papercups far easier.

    Many training plans suggests that 10 miles is far enough in training to finish a HM. And you can already do that. So signing up for one at the end of June sounds like a great idea, and it will give you plenty of time to consolidate your existing fitness and even get a bit of running tourism in in California (I'm envious!)

    As for your gels - they take about an hour to convert to energy your muscles can use, so it might be an idea to experiment with taking them before you feel the need. I tend to take one every 5 km when I'm doing long runs.

    All the best, you can so do this!

  • Ooh Morecambe, I like it there 🤔🏃‍♀️ Hmmm, June you say ......

  • Tomas - thank you! Your post really made me chuckle. I suppose that is part of my problem, as with a lot of newbies, that I don't 'feel' like I'm a runner as yet.

  • I think most of us feel like that, silly isn't it...!!

  • Well after todays run and swearing to myself during it that I'd NEVER put myself through it again I've entered it.

    I have 7 weeks to attempt and make it easier on myself.

    I think I must be mad . . . . . .

  • Your be fine if you can do 10miles now you can easily do that little bit more on the day, Races always give you that little bit more, just keep going and never stop beliving.

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