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It's weekly chat time! December 9th-15th β˜•πŸͺ

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I will certainly run for donuts or most baked treats for that matter, as long as they come with a hot strong coffee. Why do things taste so much better after a run? What’s your weakness?

Well these last few weeks have been a little challenging for a variety of reasons, but the running has come to the rescue more than once, including this morn where my long run was just the medicine I needed. The weather was perfect for a crisp winter run in the snow.

How about you? How has your running week gone?

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week. Please join in the discussion! If you're new or a lurker this is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

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Happy running!

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WhatsappHalf Marathon

Most of the time when I run its before breakfast so being good its either wholemeal toast, porridge or museli. Every now and again though a full English is the way to go.

Got my first full week in for a few weeks now as my foot pain has subsided. Its good to be training for another HM, and my traiing plan has involved to get in bit more variety into my runs, as I am still determined to break a 2hour HM.

Langley-LoperHalf Marathon in reply to Whatsapp

I'm sure you'll get your 2hr HM with a good plan to follow

WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to Langley-Loper

THe plan is all my own. It has evolved with each HM.

I did a 5 mile β€˜friendly’ club race yesterday - I didn’t intend to go at race pace, but the first part was muddy trail and most other runners just seemed too slow, so I pushed on and managed to complete the race in about 42mins. That’s a good time for me at that distance, especially on mixed terrain in very windy conditions, and I had to stop about halfway round to tie a loose shoelace. Not sure of exact time yet as I forgot to start the Garmin until about 800m into the race. A nice end to the week, running with the club, not being the slowest one this time. I think the volume of running I’m doing now is helping me get faster and less fatigued too. πŸ˜ŽπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘


Usually a strong coffee post run - double espresso and hot almond milk or similar β˜•οΈ

I am supposed to be running today but still have a sore toe-end 🀨.

No races planned, so just running to keep things ticking over.

Off to Chatsworth shortly for lunch and a tour of the festive house lights and decs πŸŽ„.

IrishprincessHalf Marathon in reply to misswobble

Ooh how lovely. There’s a TV programme on sometime this week about the Christmas lights at Chatsworth. Hope you had a fab lunch πŸ˜‹

misswobbleMarathon in reply to Irishprincess

It’s lovely πŸ™‚. The theme this year was travel and each room had been themed on a country based on the family’s travels.

Lunch was great as per πŸ˜‹. It was sunny and the gold leafed windows gleamed 😎. It wasn’t that busy either so no waiting.

IrishprincessHalf Marathon in reply to misswobble

Sounds gorgeous πŸŽ„

IrishprincessHalf Marathon in reply to misswobble

The programme was on last night. Did you watch it? Lovely it was, really interesting as it took you behind the scenes.

misswobbleMarathon in reply to Irishprincess

No, I missed it 🀨. I will catch up with it though πŸ™‚

It has fab grounds! You’d love it. Huge though 😳. A lot of the estate is open to roam about on.


I'm a fool for flapjack, but mince pies are tempting me at the moment!

What I really like is to time my run so I have lunch when I'm done 😊😊😊 Or breakfast, although that doesn't seems to happen so much these days!

I'm envious of your snowy run 😍

More slow running for me this week - happy running Decker and all!! xxx


Post HM, nothing beats a good roast for me (ideally with pud and a glass of prosecco as a great way to unwind!). There was a big bag of mini cheddars in the goody bag at Osterley at the weekend and they were just perfect (if you ignore the lack of nutritional content that is) - oh dear, am I really going to write a nutrition post tomorrow πŸ˜€.

Happily working my way through the first few weeks of my HM plan, still running every other day at the moment to try to build some contingency into the plan, but will revert to two day breaks soon. Foot still behaving for now, but it's going to be a fair while before I believe in it for HM distance🀞🀞🀞 . Hope we all get some breaks in the weather this week for pleasant runs - enjoy πŸ˜€

DeckerModerator in reply to linda9389

This post is making me hungry! Haven’t had a roast in Donkey’s years! Going to the fridge now...

IrishprincessHalf Marathon

Crisps are my weakness whether I run or not but they’re a perfect excuse after a long run. I tell myself I need the salt πŸ˜‹ Chocolate milk immediately afterwards though. My husband tells me he’s never seen anyone eat a bag of crisps as quickly as me ..... chomp chomp

Despite a crazy week of people staying and various social events I managed to get my training runs in and even managed my monthly 10 miler on Friday afternoon, just about squeezing it in just before another onslaught of visitors πŸ™‚ I’m getting used to this distance now and have no niggles afterwards and feel I could run it more regularly.... mmmmnnnnn πŸ€” but should I?

A quieter week before my mum arrives at the weekend for Christmas. But, like everyone, still loads of Christmas stuff to do.

Happy running everyone and to those on the IC, sending you lots of soothing wishes x


I think I must be a bit strange in that I never eat directly after a run. I have my 2 shredded wheat or weetabix (well the ripoff Aldi versions to be precise πŸ˜‚) then just wait til lunch. I did spend the last hour at Beachy dreaming about the chocolate milk that was waiting for me at the finish line though!

Intending to carry on sticking to my weekly plan of lots of easy pace miles and a little bit of speedwork. Got off to a good start this morning with 8x400m and will do a Tempo run at parkrun again on Saturday. Like Whatsapp I'd really like to break 2 hours for a HM in 2020 but I'm not sure Hastings with all its hills is the place to do it - going to keep training with that goal in mind though x

DeckerModerator in reply to pianoteacher

Wow you are disciplined on the food intake. I use myfitnesspal very loosely just to make sure I replenish the lost calories on the long runs. You will most certainly crack 2hrs!! πŸ‘Š

Langley-LoperHalf Marathon in reply to pianoteacher

Try Headcorn HM in February or Paddock Wood in the spring, both are fast routes and often chosen by those looking for a target HM time.

C3POVirtual HM

I can't have anything sweet right after a run - I have to wait a few hours. I usually have a meal shortly after my runs, though.

Sorry I haven't written for so long - just the usual November/December madness at work. I took a week off at the end of November to go to the Isle of Wight, and went on long walks. I did about 58 k of paths and trails over 4 days plus parkrun.

Winter isn't quite settling here - we keep going from temperatures well below zero to temps above, so life is pretty icy. Even with spikes, Sunday's run was a bit too exciting.

DeckerModerator in reply to C3PO

I wondered how you managed with footwear this time of year. I’ve been experimenting with studs on my trail shoes and have finally found a balance that seems to work on the snow and the ice, while being tolerable on pavement.

C3POVirtual HM in reply to Decker

I've used Icebug in the past - a Swedish brand. I switched to Innov8 last year. They're both good. Studded shoes work better for me than studs that you attach to your shoes. I used YakTrax for a while, but they were a hassle to put on.

DeckerModerator in reply to C3PO

I wondered about Icebugs. I just screwed some short sheet metal screws into my regular trail shoes

C3POVirtual HM in reply to Decker

Lots of people here put studs in their regular shoes. It’s an inexpensive way of extending the life of the shoe.

Beachcomber66Half Marathon

My post run flat white and triple chocolate brownie at the handily placed walkway cafe has become almost a ritual. It doesn't happen on evening runs because the cafe closes quite early☹️.

Long runs require a post run top up of lots of Hi protein yoghurt laced with extra honey. In fact I ate like a horse for a week after my HM!

Finally porridge (with yet more honey!) starts every day, so I need to wait an hour before starting a run. I have a very good electric toothbrush or I would have no teeth left! Fortunately the running uses up enough calories to keep my weight down.


hello, my weaknesses are drumsticks, chocolate and sticky buns ( to name a few). I love all things naughty! I am progressing well on my 5k a day for december and really enjoying it too. New weights arriving today for my deadlifts which is exciting :)

Have a great week and I hope your week is less challenging,

Langley-LoperHalf Marathon

A BIG coffee if I'm running in the morning (i.e. Parkrun).

Evening runs I tend to go for scrambled eggs on toast, although last night I had a McChicken sandwich and chips (Β£1.99 voucher, it seemed rude not to use it).

In other non-food news, I'm just doing a 10k and Parkrun per week until the end of the year. No events planned. The colder, wetter weather is making motivation tricky.

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