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Personal safety in the dark


When I started running earlier this year the mornings were light. Now I’m getting up about 5.30am and it’s really dark and there aren’t many people around. I’m a bit concerned about safety although I try and run a well lit route there are some places which are darker where i feel less safe. I was thinking of getting a person attack alarm for peace of mind. I was wondering what other people do? Thank you.

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person attack alarm is not a bad idea if it gives you peace of mind. The school where my children go tell them to yell FIRE in an emergency as people will help...

Based on last year (this is my second winter) i kept to pavements around the residential areas, felt a little uneasy in places where there are people loitering only because I had heard horrible stories of people watching your run and then plotting an attack - though not in my area!

This year i am going to do the same and also add in the park with a running torch - so i am out of sight of people - i know the park well and would feel pretty safe.

Its a tough one, and depends on where you live, etc. You can get an app so a friend can see where you run and be alerted if you suddenly stop for a period of time and they will know where you are

Jelly-bean16Marathon in reply to alisonx

Hi, thanks for replying. Interesting about shouting Fire! I’ll remember that. I mainly stick to residential roads but when running for almost an hour is hard to only have residential. I find myself sprinting in certain places like under railway bridges where dark. Perhaps over nervous but like the sound of the torch and the app 👍


I keep meaning to get a personal alarm (but keep forgetting to get around to it). A lot of my areas are pitch dark and empty. A head torch gives some security but I'm also aware it makes me visible to others from further away...

My husband can view at any time where I am via Google locations. We also use an app called Life 360 which shows where we've recently been so he can usually tell where I'm headed or where I was if he needs to find me.

I've tried to train myself to be able to shout loudly as unfortunately our first response can be to be silent as we're not used to being loud or projecting our voices. I tend to do this at work in my truck (away from others 🤣🤣)

Sometimes it's a bit creepy in the dark but you also just get used to it too. We're semi rural so often the creepiest is fields of eyes staring back in the sheep fields! 👍🏻😁

Sandraj39Half Marathon

I have a Decathalon chest light for winter running, as I run after work on weekdays. I also have a personal alarm wristband which I bought ages ago but haven't worn it yet as haven't felt the need to . I would definitely wear it though, if I was running alone and felt the need for a little more security.

Maybe this is wrong but after 4 years of running I worry less and less about this as time goes on. I used to be too wary to run out to the edge of countryside a few miles from my house but have recently started enjoying this much more than plodding around suburbia. I think the biggest risk is from traffic rather than random nutters. I think the best advice is to be sensible without being paranoid. Choosing different routes is better training as well as personal safety than constantly running the same route as well.

Jelly-bean16Marathon in reply to Hillrunner2201

Thank you ladies for your advice. I’m thinking now that if I had the personal alarm and an app that I’ll have the peace of mind that I need. It’s probably just being so new to running in the dark that’s making me nervous and the chance of someone hiding in the dark at 5.30 is pretty remote but not to be too predictable with runs. I’ll stop looking at treadmills now 😂

IrishprincessHalf Marathon

I always carry a personal alarm like this one

Always tell someone your route and expected time back. And consider joining a running club. That way you’ll feel safe in numbers.

Jelly-bean16Marathon in reply to Irishprincess

Thank you. I’ve ordered one like that from Amazon this morning 👍

FlickM3Half Marathon

I vary my routes and times so that I’m not predictable - though that might be harder for you if you’re bound by getting it done before work.

Jelly-bean16Marathon in reply to FlickM3

Yes, I’ve been doing in the morning but now darker might be time to start thinking of doing differently. So I might do some mornings but occasional lunchtimes. I just can’t be motivated by the evening. 😬

Deals1Half Marathon

MMMm..... good advice here. I've been thinking the same, ran last night and a lot darker than I thought it was!!! I've not really thought about it a lot TBH, until last night when I think I just freaked myself out! I was on a main road, but no street light so relying on cars! personal alarm good idea I think. Hope u find something that works for u ..... bring back the summer

Jelly-bean16Marathon in reply to Deals1

Yay to bring back summer!!

backintime10 Miles

I vote for a hot bodyguard to run with : )

Jelly-bean16Marathon in reply to backintime

Now that’s something I hadn’t thought about - best idea so far 👍

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