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When to do another hm

AgelesslassMetric Marathon

Just completed Chester hm last weekend and loved it. My question is how long should you leave it before attempting to run another one and should I just run this distance in future? My running club more experienced runners say to do only hms now and don’t bother with 10ks, but I enjoy running 10ks too. Should I just run hms now and if so how soon after completing one? This is me on the left of the photo with my running buddy, we did great together, 2hrs 20 mins.

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WindozeHalf Marathon

Hi Agelesslass your running journey and where you want to take it is totally your decision (also a decision for your body too).

Half marathons are brilliant but so are 5k 10k 5miler and 10miler runs marathons, ultras!. Trail running....duathalons...triathalons!

It's a personal choice. I will never stop doing my 10k races as they are so less time consuming to get into shape for than halfs and marathons as I'm finding out.

It's all about you, your time, your commitment to the cause 🤣 and what you find fun! Everybody's preferences are different and not nesscearily right for others.


Edit. Also as for should you just run that distance in the future. No you still need your shorter runs and your speed/strength runs in your weekly routine. This will change somewhat depending on what you try and keep your long run at. If you wish to keep your running at around that half mark then I think the suggested long run a week is a 10 miler.

AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to Windoze

Thanks so much Windoze 😀😀


Are you talking about races or just running for training/fun? I don't understand what the club runners mean about not running 10Ks! For one thing the 10K race can be a very useful part of half marathon training, helping you to understand and adjust your pacing needs. And also they are loads of fun!

For your next half marathon, I'd want to have at least a couple of weeks before attempting another official event, probably a month actually - just to be sure of full recovery. If you have no niggles you'd probably be fine with less of a break if you really want to do one sooner, but really what's the rush?

If you're talking about easy training runs a lot of us do fine with weekly HM or near HM distances. I'd suggest cutting the distance every 3 weeks for a recovery week.

AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to roseabi

I think I will take my time to undertake the next one roseabi

C3POVirtual HM

Depending on how you feel, you can do another one pretty soon. Two years ago, I did two HMs with 3 weeks in between. I even improved on my time on the second one.

It's up to you what events you want to run. I'm a bit more limited in my choices, but there are usually a couple of 10 ks during the year. Living in Norway, you won't be surprised to hear that we don't have many long races during the winter! In any case, one of the factors in my choice of event it potential for enjoyability - like the annual midsummer 14.5 k with unlimited waffles post race.

AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to C3PO

Wow, running in Norway must be fabulous. I really thank you for your reply C3PO


Definitely mix it up according to what you fancy. I did my second half three weeks after my first, my third four weeks later. Improved timings each time. Enjoyed the third one most of all. But then again I'm now benched. So maybe that wasn't smart after all! Luckily I don't have anything im my calendar now til the beginning of Sept. I would say look for events you fancy, then work your training runs to suit that, rather than finding events to fit a specific timescale.

AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to linda9389

Thanks Linda. Take care 😀😀

WhatsappHalf Marathon

Good responses given about doing what you want for you, and I would only add that maybe you ask your more experienced runners to clarify why they advise this?

Depending on the answer you get, decide whether to heed the advice or ignore it.

AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to Whatsapp

I will ask them, I think they are very competitive and that’s why 😀😀

ColinsmithHalf Marathon

Why would you stop doing something you enjoy? Nod politely at them and then do exactly as you please! I think 10km is a really fun distance once you’ve reached HM as your long run (I bet that’s galling to read for anyone dropping in from Bridge to 10k! 😄 But it’s true, it’s not as intense as a fast 5k and is a manageable amount of time to fit into your day)

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Colinsmith

I love 10k 😊😊😊

AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to roseabi

So do I roseabi 😀😀

AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to Colinsmith

Thanks so much 😀😀👍


A training run HM is different to a raced HM. I've been doing weekly HM training runs over the winter but am leaving off running long for 10 days or so after my recent HM race last Sat 18th May. Even then I will only go back to a jogged HM distance. I'd leave it 3 weeks or so between HM "races" because you always give it that extra 10-15% oompff during an event and it takes its toll giving you achy niggly legs.

AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to Lordi

Thanks so much for your reply Lordi 👍👍


My club race all distances from 800m to ultras. There are definite benefits to mixing shorter speedier runs with longer runs. They work different muscles that can help in later stages of an HM. Personally I would leave it a month between HM races. I do a weekly long run that is normally slow and around 13-15 miles but races usually a month apart.

AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to Macmac

I’ve just run a 4 mile this week and running a park run tomorrow, think I’ll just carry on as before my hm and build up to another one, thanks for your great advice👍👍


I love 10k’s. Races too! There are some really tough 10k’s and deffo a challenge 💪👍. I do all sorts of distances in training too. I did a 1.5 km today So yeah, mix it up 😃🏃‍♀️

AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to misswobble

Will do thanks 👍👍


I’d agree with most here and say it’t really up to you. I had a few months between my first two HMs with plenty of training 5ks and 10ks in between. The short runs are a key part of most long distance plans. Perhaps they were just indicating your new top end? Ie you can start doing more HM distances once you crack the first one.?

AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to Decker

Thanks very much Decker 😀😀

UnfitNoMoreHalf Marathon

From a race point of view once up to HM i assume every couple of months as my app refuses to allow a HM plan shorter than that. Part of that plan will be many 10k ish runs though... so I don’t get the logic of not running one... my ultra running buddy runs lots of parkruns and everything else between that and 50 miles.

AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks, will follow this plan like I did before my hm 😃😃

I love this question. I was originally thinking of doing another half quite quickly as I enjoyed Chester so much but as the week has gone on I am glad that I haven’t entered another yet. I didn’t even ache that much on day1 after the race but after doing a 1mile 2.5 and 3.5 this week I’m now tired. Got a nice steady 8 , to a coffee shop, planned on Sunday and will then make a decision about my next half marathon event. But just to note my running buddy and I have a 13.1 mile training run planned for early July so you could always think about doing your own , without an event.

Well done and fab pic 😁

AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to Nwrkpak

Chester hm was an amazing experience, was on a high but now get down to earth with a bump. Will do a park run tomorrow after an easy 4 miler on Wednesday. Entered the metric marathon in October, yikes!!!! Thanks Nwrkpak 👍👍

Madge50Half Marathon

Thanks for posting this, it’s really helpful to me, I’ve got a HM tomorrow (Edinburgh) then have another (Swansea) in 4 weeks, first time I’ve done this with such a short break, although Swansea , I’m aiming just to enjoy and no time target, as there’s a possibility it may be rather hot, so I have been thinking about how I manage my distances/recovery and prep in between.

Edinburgh - i’d like to get a good time, but the weather etc., may have other ideas......I’d love a 2:20 like you.....I’d be over the moon with that.


By the way, you’re looking fab in that pic...👍🏃‍♀️

AgelesslassMetric Marathon in reply to Madge50

Aw thanks Madge. I hope you do really well in your forthcoming hms, as you said, just enjoy them and get round, just like I did. No pressure, that’s the best way👍👍😀

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