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Hi all. Just a quick introduction. My name's Jon and I've been running on and off for 5 years now.

Graduated from C25K in 2013, run London 10K in 2015 then lost all momentum, but I'm back on it now and training for my first half-marathon in March.

If you want to follow along, feel free. I keep a running diary here: runnected.com/category/diary/

See you on the road!

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welcome back jon

WhatsappHalf Marathon

Well done Jon. Its quite tough sometimes to keep up the running at this time of year but the rewards are well worth it.


Hello πŸ‘‹. Howdy do πŸ˜ƒ

having a race to train for is always an incentive to turn out and run πŸ˜ƒ


Hello, and a plan-tastic welcome to the forum!!!

I hope you will be posting more on here - looking forward to hearing more about your half marathon! Have fun with your training 😊😊😊

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