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Hi I'm Jackie, nearly 52yrs Young!

I started running in 2014 and used the C25k programme to get me up , out and moving - it worked! I have carried  on running and signing up for different distance runs since then which has kept me on track, happy and motivated. I also lost weight and have managed  to manintain that. 

I joined  a run club before finishing the programme but it was far too competitive and fast for my ability although the 6 weeks training induction was a fantastic learning experience - these days I mostly run on my own (sometimes with my son) or unless it's Parkrun.

My goal for this year is to carry on doing what I'm doing be fit and well to race  a 10, a half and enter a sprint triathlon ... I like cycling, like running, not so good at swimming! So I volunteered and marshalled at the Duston triathlon last Sunday to give me the oomph and confidence.  Now, that's me signed up for September 2016!  Two weeks after a local half  - oh dear time to start training😳

It would be great to have virtual run buddies / local buddies to support and link up with  !

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Hi Jackie, welcome.

Like you the C25K gave me a new focus and the opportunity to get involved in healthier activities.  All power to you with the cycling and swimming!  

Sorry the running club didn't work for you.  Have you signed up to Garmin Connect or Strava, great ways of keeping track of virtual running buddies.

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Thanks for the welcome o_g!

 C25k was a great focus - are you enjoying your running adventures?

My bike is yawning at me to take it for a spin as it's a lovely day and I am on the couch looking at swim plans. Procrastinating really😊

I wear a garmin but never connected so I think that is a great idea, thank you.


Great to read your post, we are almost the same in terms of our goals.  I graduated some time ago and I run 2 X 5k a week and a long run (minimum of 10k) as I have an event in June (gulp) and a Half Marathon in September.  I have tried to increase from 10 a little as I have some nice flat grassy runs and the most I ever managed was 15 km (once) and I have done a couple of 12's and 11's!

My long run day is Monday which is strange as that used to be my worst day to run.  I am experimenting with doing 6k for my short runs but went out on the pavements this morning and feel it in my calves, just not so used to hard surfaces and I like the fields, woods and tracks.  Even thinking about running makes me happy (but when I am out running, it still feels like hard work most of the time)!!  Julie

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Thanks JB1,  good luck for your June 10k - looks like you're doing really well with your training! I need to get out more consistently than I have been recently and reading people's posts on here is great encouragement ! Reading more than I'm running at the mo though😀. My 10k is around Pitsford in May and it's a fast one they say... Well this someone will be just doing their best on the day. 

Ooh tight calves aren't fun...I'm a fan of tiger balm on mine and occasionally wear calf compression things but not sure wether I like them or not; found them quite good for wearing post bath, post run when I remember though. I don't know if any of these things work for everyone as I've just developed my own little pamper routine.



Hello and welcome, great to have you here. I'm like you and I run alone unless I can bribe my son, but he's 14 now and doesn't want me cramping his style!!! I too joined a running club and left in tears... Way too fast for me. I'm on strava and garmin which helps, and I live in cleeve near Bristol if you are nearby as I'd love a running buddy!!!

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Thank you jj, that's lovely ; let me know your most successful bribe - mine is 18 shortly and is so proud of me running ... Just too proud to run with me and always too busy ... Sleeping, studying, eating & partying too many 'ings',

I'm with you on the emotional running club experience, still love to watch them running around on Thursdays and I peak in at their weekly on line training programme 😅 I envy the group experience but not the run faster, further and again Experience! (Anybody else reading this please don't be put off - run clubs are fab and social; will really develop your running and strength. But my body doesn't really enjoy going fast X ).

 - I'm in undulating Northamptonshire, sadly miles from Cleeve but you never know when races pop up... I will ask my too busy son to help me with garmin ( still using my reliable garmin forerunner - and will look into strava).

I do go on!


Hi I am just on strava as not rich enough to buy a garmin.   But there is a NHS c25k strava group, everyone should join it. 

But welcome here my next adventures will be triathlon, but I go to a running club and we have all sorts of runners slow and fast and in between. They have a triathlon bit as well so might get some advice on the swimming bit. 

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Haha, hello benwill. I am just on garmin( well I wear one) and not rich enough to have a smartphone. 

Believe it or not, I stick to my old Nokia although was bought a Samsung s4 But it just erh...sits there! I just crawl into a ball or start baking cakes when technology talk comes my way. However I have a plan... Son off to uni in Sept (proud mum)! So I will have him set everything up and working for me, before he goes off. 

I will look into strava and head towards the NHS c25k, thank you ...I may be gone sometime!

Well done on the running club! I would definitely take advantage to access the training specific swimming for your triathlon....when is your triathlon?

Thank you for the welcome.


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