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Half marathon here I come

Lavender1962Half Marathon

I’ve been lurking on this board for a while with the idea of doing a half marathon a distant but unlikely dream. All that has changed. I’m now enrolled in the Lachine Demi Marathon at the end of August.

A friend who is also the event director of our parkrun has coerced or rather encouraged me to sign up with her for this race. If not for her little nudge I might still be lurking.

I’m equal parts nervous and excited. So far 10k has been my longest run and that was a while ago. We will officially start training for it in January. Onwards I say a bit reluctantly.

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SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon

Congrats on taking the plunge Lavender! I'm still toying with it myself. Started a training plan, eyeing up a couple different Hypothermic halfs this February but haven't committed to a race yet. February on the prairies can be so ugly! Enjoy the training!

Lavender1962Half Marathon in reply to SaskAlliecat

Wow, a hypothermic one is really brave! But you do need to use the new gear!

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon in reply to Lavender1962


Well done for committing Lavender. I'm going to keep an eye on you with a view to doing a HM later on next year. i'm strengthening my core and increasing my distance slowly, oh so slowly for now. Good Luck!

Lavender1962Half Marathon in reply to paulanoo

Thanks for the luck! Yes, strengthening the core will have to be done.


Well done! Lots of time to prepare for it. Take your time, and enjoy the journey :)

Lavender1962Half Marathon in reply to linda9389

Thank you ! It should be enjoyable!

Jay66UKHalf Marathon

Well done for plunging. You’ve got a great deal of time to prepare.

Lavender1962Half Marathon in reply to Jay66UK

Lots of time is a good thing! 😊


Congrats on signing up! You will be great! Plenty of time to train and strengthen between now and August too.

Lavender1962Half Marathon in reply to Decker

Thanks! Yes, lots of time!


You”ll be fine. If you do the training then you”ll have nothing to fear on the day 💪👍😃🏃‍♀️

WhatsappHalf Marathon

Lurk no longer!

I did my first HM in March of this year. Prior to that I had not run more than 5k, but the training - although not without its ups and downs - was amazing. Much like the C25k programme it allowed me to push myself to places I had never been and the feeling when I completed my first 10k and 10 mile made it so rewarding. You will have good and bad runs but you will not regret it. Its only two 10ks after all... Well done!

Lavender1962Half Marathon in reply to Whatsapp

It sounds like your journey was very rewarding! The sense of accomplishment was worth the ups and downs. Thanks for the inspiration !


Hello, and a huge, excitable welcome to the forum!!!!!!

Well done for signing up for the half marathon - they are a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy your training! Looking forward to reading about your progress 😊😊😊

Lavender1962Half Marathon in reply to roseabi

Thanks for positive encouragement! I’ll be reading about your upcoming one and following your progress. Your posted plans are super helpful.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Lavender1962

Awesome!! All the feedback I've been getting has been great!

Glad to be of help 😊😊😊

mountaindreamerHalf Marathon

Welcome and well done on signing up Lavendar1962! 😃❤️

I’ve not yet done the distance, but will be joining in with roseabi’s plan starting next week, even though I don’t plan on doing a HM race until May.

I’m excited about starting, but don’t feel I can give you any real words of wisdom yet! You’ve got loads of time to prepare, though, so if the rest of us get there then I’m sure you’ll be fine! 😊

Lavender1962Half Marathon in reply to mountaindreamer

Congrats on starting the plan! It will be great to follow everyone’s progress. Good luck for your HM in May!

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