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The Seagrave Wold Challenge


Well, That was hard work...

First real attempt at cross country. And the furthest I've ever run too. I was so knackered coming across the line I forgot to stop the watch for a minute!

Very slippy going underfoot, there were bottlenecks at some stiles and gates which slowed everyone down as well. Also, refreshment stops at around miles 7 and 13 were difficult to resist (and very well organised)...

It's not actually a race though, no road closures and timing for information's sake only.

Really well organised, marshals were excellent, catering was top notch, the atmosphere in general was really good too.

A very satisfying mornings running, even if I have been pretty much useless for the rest of the day!

Lessons learnt:

Trail shoes are really the order of the day;

Don't try to be clever and jump off the top step of the style (landing face down in the mud is not cool);

Have very little planned for the rest of the day;

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Well done Andy!! Wow that's some distance however sounds like a great run. Rest will be the order for Sunday, well deserved in my opinion. :) :)

aliboo70Half Marathon

Brilliant running! well done andy!! Trails are my fav thing! 😊but definitely hard work! Great distance and time!


Goodness that does sound like hardwork, congratulations on completing it. You've definitely earned the rest of the weekend off! Would've appreciated a photo post-style jump to get a real feel for your race .... 😀

andystev in reply to linda9389

:) Luckily I seem to have avoided photos. I really don't like having a camera pointed at me.

linda9389Administrator in reply to andystev

Especially when face down in mud no doubt!

misswobbleMarathon in reply to linda9389



Trail running is the best fun and you get such a great workout 😃💪👍

Well done 👍🏅🏃‍♂️

Much respect for that. I live nearby and had half considered entering but it’s a bit far for me at the moment.

I happened to run some of the route up by Prestwold early on Saturday morning and it was tricky then with the mud so can imagine it was tough once lots of people running.

I thought it sounded like a good event so good to see from your race report that it is. There are some great routes to run round those villages so I might give it a look another year.

misswobbleMarathon in reply to tony_a

Yes, do! You could train for it on the race route 😃👍

andystev in reply to tony_a

I'll probably have another crack at it next year, if Brighton hasn't killed me!


Well done Andy. That sounded like quite the slog. Hope you are functional again 🙂


Wow, sounds like fun - well done!!

SqkrHalf Marathon

Oo it sounds brilliant! This is definitely a direction I want to head in once I've exhausted all the local road races 😁

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