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First half marathon in 200 days


Hi guys,

I have been running consistently for the last two years and only recently started running up to 10K. I have signed up for a Half Marathon with the charity I work for in March and have no idea where to start. I currently run 5k in 28 minutes and my 10k record is 1 hour. Any advice on training for a Half Marathon would be greatly appreciated.

Do you think I have enough time to get myself fit enough?

Thanks in advance

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I’d follow a training plan A structured half marathon plan based on say your last Parkrun time, or a recent race time. I like a proper plan as it prevents over-running. You could could get one now from myasics website before they disappear in September I got one and printed it off . They are pulling the plug on these free plans, so get one while you still can 😃. They”ll be available from RunkeeperGo app but you have to subscribe. I got a year’s subs free as I’d been a regular myasics plan user

200 days should be ample if you’re running regularly 😃👍

BasilB90 in reply to misswobble

Thank you for the advice. It's a little daunting, the idea of doubling what I currently run but hopefully if I take it slow it should be fine!

(I had a look at the myasics plans but unfortunately are not taking new accounts 😟 )

WhatsappHalf Marathon in reply to BasilB90

You don't need to sign up. Go to click on the log in page link (top right corner) and then when the next page comes up click on the 'My plan' tab. You can fill in some info and get a plan - you just can't save it.

Screen shot or copy over to spreadsheet or calendar and your plan is there. The good thing about this is you can do the plan for the length of time that suits you as opposed to other plans that are set. And it gives a guideline pace.


As misswobble says the structure is needed. Please see the link, l followed it at it worked well for me. You’ve got enough time, the distance is not as daunting as it seems, just a longer run. You can do that! :)


Hi Basil, and a gigantic, half-marathon-tastic welcome to the forum!!!!!

Don't worry about being fit enough for your half, you are well on your way already with a 1 hour 10k. And the training plans the others have suggested are all you need - increase your long run gradually and you'll easily be running the full distance by March.

Enjoy your training! Which half marathon are you doing?

BasilB90 in reply to roseabi

Thank you! I am doing the London Landmarks Half Marathon, so it should be a pretty flat course!

roseabiAdministrator in reply to BasilB90

Oh yes, with lots of lovely things to see, and a nice crowd too! Great choice 😊

BeccymHalf Marathon

Don't get hung up on pace just get distance under your belt.

200 days is masses of time. My running club won't start marathon training until Nov for Feb half.


like others have said 200days is a massive amount of time for time for the half. A general plan is 2 shortish runs (i normally do a 5k and 10k) the 5k would be intervals or hills and the 10k at half marathon pace. And then a long run at a slow pace within the conversational pace building up the distance by no more than 10% each week.

that's what I would suggest.


Oooh. I do hope you've got time! Cos I'm in the exact same boat (apart from having been running for just over a year, rather than two!) :D

I too have signed up for the LLHM and have never run further than 10km.

Right now I feel there's loads of time .... although I cannot see myself ever being able to run for that long (my 5k and 10k times are slower than yours, so I'll have to run even longer than you :D ).

Think positive. We can do this :)

BasilB90 in reply to linda9389

Good Luck with your training. I think if we increase the long runs slowly we'll both be fine.

We can definitely do this!

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