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🎩 hats 🧒 off to all you marathon runners

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Massive well done to all those completing their marathons recently, I am in awe of you all. I’m currently training for my first half marathon in October and get so excited when I hear your accounts. I can’t imagine running a full marathon, I think half will be my limit but am already planning other half marathons to be completed next year πŸ˜‚

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You just keep going, and chipping away at the distance a bit at a time. You'll get there πŸ™‚


Half marathons are awesome too, in fact they're possibly the best :)

Good luck with your training! Personally I think half marathons are the best!


I'm about to complete my HM 'approach' and, yes, there is something right about the distance and the training. Not too demanding, not too long and it feels really satisfying if taken carefully and in good time.

All the best of luck with yours!

Ajs07 in reply to mrrun

Thank you, just want to finish the first πŸ˜‚


Half marathons are good, never feel the pressure to go for a full marathon just because they are the next thing to do. Take your first half nice and easy there is plenty of time to improve.

Ajs07 in reply to benwill

Thank you , I’m just aiming to finish the first one this year😁 and I have my eye on 2 Hm next year for improvement 😜

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Ajs07

You can't go wrong with that attitude


Half marathons are definitely the best. My big takeaway from the marathon training has been that I really prefer the HM distance. It's tough enough to push you, but it doesn't get overwhelming.

lardofaleHalf Marathon

I agree with that! I have a new respect for full marathon runners after completing my first half on Sunday. The feeling when you cross the line after all that time training is unbelievable, best of luck to you!


Great- keep us posted on your training progress :)

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