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New here and needing support in being more consistent

I've been running for about 18 months and can now easily run a 10k without much trouble even without training and have completed two half marathons. What I need now is to become more consistent in my training to run a really tough half marathon at the end of this year plus a marathon next year. Hopefully here I'll find support and a kick in the pants to get moving when I don't feel like it!

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Welcome to the group :) Well done it sounds like you are doing really well with your running... you have some great events to train for. Which HM are you going to be doing?? Have you got a training plan to follow?


There isnt much of this year left so try find a good hilly half to finish the year off. And then you only need to train a little bit more for a marathon next april time!

but when training for a marathon you do need to be consistant with training no not bothering for a week.


Hello! yeah, we are ace at butt kicking if i'm out there why aren't you sorta thing 😃

A training plan helps give you focus and keeps your nose to the grindstone.


Hi! I have a friend who did the Bavisela marathon this year, I thought it sounded brilliant! Have you looked at it?


Everyone is different but I like a goal and plan - it makes me get out there. At the moment I have neither and I am being lazy!

Anyway- welcome to the forum, and look forward to hearing your running news!


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