Ran my First Full Marathon at Mumbai, India on 15 Jan 2017

Ran my First Full Marathon at Mumbai, India on 15 Jan 2017

Dear Fellow Crazy Runners,

I am happy to announce that I ran and completed my first Full Marathon on 15 Jan 2017 at Mumbai, India.

I completed in 5 Hr : 19 Minutes.

So far I had been running Half Marathons. I ran my first HM in 2010.. and since then have run about 9 Half Marathons, clocking times ranging from 2.16 to 1.49 .

I had taken lot of useful tips and advice from runners in this group and they truly helped me a lot during the race..


I have written a blog / article on Linkedin on this entire experience, Please go through it and Like / Comment :)


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  • Well done!

  • Thanks! :)

  • Well done! How are you feeling now? Are you planning another marathon?!

  • Thanks ! Feeling like standing on Mount Everest! :) Not another Marathon soon... But will aim to keep running and do more Halfs and Fulls :)

  • Wow, well done you, you don't look like you've just run 26.2 miles in the Mumbai heat!


  • Thanks!! The heat was Ok.. I am used to it! and once the race ends... No more cold, no more heat... we just want to eat!! :)

  • I'm coming up to my first half marathon in about 3 weeks, I will try and remember some of the great phrases and advice from your blog. I'm very nervous right now.

    Thanks for posting.


  • Hi

    When you run.. just go out there for fun,

    The crowd will carry you, you just have to keep your legs moving

    since its your first HM, don't worry about timing, Just keep a normal pace. Don't sprint in the beginning.. just go slow and steady.

    Races are great celebrations.. you will enjoy it!

    Give me a buzz 8 days before your event, I will give you the tips for last week.

    all the best .. relax.. Believe that you will do it! :)


  • Wow!congratulations!😊 your blog makes a great read! Well done for pushing through and making it to the end,very inspiring!😆

  • Thanks for the encouraging words! :)

  • Congratulations! I really enjoyed your report - especially the "pain is temporary" quote. So true!

  • Thanks a ton! Hope you are having a great time with your HM ! :)

  • Wow, I am truly amazed ! What a fantastic achievement, you should be so so proud of yourself !

    I really enjoyed reading your blog, I could relate to so much , especially the bit about commitment , I found myself nodding my head in agreement :-)


    You are a true inspiration ! xxx

  • Thanks a lot ! :) True it feels good at the end!

  • wow that is really fabulous. I bet you are feeling amazing? I have just read the account on Linkedin... its really inspirational :)

  • Thanks Ju-Ju... your words are truly inspiring me more! Thanks for your comments on Linkedin

  • Congratulations. You don't even look out of breath - and very happy.

  • Hi youngrunner,

    Thanks... usually my legs wear out before my lungs, hence I am never out of breath. Happy Yes! Finish points are the best places on the Earth to be :)

  • Awesome - congratulations!!!

  • Thanks for the appreciation and your Linkedin comments! :)

  • Congratulations on your marathon! A fantastic write up which captured the highs and lows of the journey and was really moving to read. I am 51 and ran my first 21k last weekend! I have my first HM race in four weeks time and am so excited! I will make a note of that Michael Jordan quote "You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them". Thank you for posting🙂

  • Thanks and nice to know about your upcoming HM !!!

    Its wonderful that you have already done 21K, so your mind and body is already geared up fully for the run! Fantastic!!

    21 @ 51 is truly amazing and inspiring. I am sure lot of people around you must be looking upto you and saying WOW!

    Give me a ping 8 days before your race and I can pass on the last week prep for your race! All the best :)

  • Thank you for your words of support, too☺

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