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For the ladies - I did it!!


So following on from my earlier post, I’ve been trying ginger teas to try and keep some of the endo bloating issues to one side and whilst things weren’t perfect , all in all it worked well enough to just focus on my running rather than my looks!

I started this running journey about a year ago with C25k and now run 5k and 10k regularly during the week as well as Parkrun and have done 2 10k races so now I know I can add half marathons to the list, it’s all onwards and upwards

I just need to work out how to stop my toes getting wrecked!

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SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon

Wonderful news Idizzy1! In regards to your toes, make sure your shoes are big enough, they should be a half or full size bigger than your "normal" shoes. There are also some great alternative shoe lace tying techniques to help prevent your feet from moving around if your shoes are the right size, to minimize your toes ramming into the front of your shoes.

SaskAlliecatHalf Marathon in reply to SaskAlliecat


Well done!

I hike a lot and find toe tape is useful for very long periods of pounding (I walk across Spain every year approx 800km). Leukotape medical tape is very good.

ancientrunnerHalf Marathon

Well done - looking rightly very happy there.

Congratulations! Well done 🍾🍾🍾🎉🎉🎉👏👏.

I'm with SaskAlliecat make sure your shoes fit correctly (larger toe box needed if not size?) Or the lacing thing and of course (I learnt the hard way) toe nails as short as possible.

Idizzy1 in reply to AnnieW55

Hi, I think soaked feet within first 5 mins and toe nails to sharp were biggest contributions. Going to get some toe socks, I use them in my vibram 5 fingers, just didn’t know they did long compression running sock


Wonderful - really well done!!!!!

C3POVirtual HM

Congratulations! I generally trim my toe nails about a week after a run, so that they aren't too short. Otherwise I second the information about the fit of your shoes. My toes first got wrecked due to feet swelling during a race on a hot summer day.

HiddenHalf Marathon

Congratulations! An excellent achievement. The toes look ouchy, hopefully not too bad once cleaned up. I get some sore toes at hm distance using twin skin socks. I think the issue is my 2nd toe is longer and that toe cannot splay out as well after my feet get hot so the socks become restrictive to toe movement. I have got some ininji socks that allow toes to splay but are less padded in the ball of the foot. I am not sure which socks to go with for the hm.

Congratulations! That's very inspiring ☺

aliboo70Half Marathon

wow well done! :) PS I find the injinji toe socks brilliant! :)

Madge50Half Marathon

Well done! I’ve got a couple of wrecked toe nails, I too keep my nails very short and now run in shoes two sizes bigger than my normal size - don’t be concerned about this, different brands will fit differently. I also wear good socks, I have 1000 Miles, and hilly’s, I prefer twin skins for long runs.

Hope you find something that suits.


Langley-LoperHalf Marathon

Well done! Great to see your happy face beaming. Not to happy to see your poor toes - ouch.

AnniemurphHalf Marathon

Fantastic achievement, well done, and great picture! Not the toes, though :( Some good suggestions in the replies though.


Well done 👍😃🏅

Toes! 😬. Mine are wrecked too. I wear bigger shoes, marathon socks, Vaseline, but still lose nails. It’s a game 🙄

I don’t let it put me off though 😃

Well done, and what a great photo! So sorry about the toes though - they look very ouchy. Hope you find a good solution so as not to repeat that part of the experience at least.

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