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Signed up for first half marathon!!!

Well since graduating C25k last Autumn, I’ve signed up for my first ever half marathon!! With the support and encouragement of my fab running club. I’m currently running 3 times a week one fast 5k one comfortable 10-12k then a long one just breaking 10 miles in 1hr 43.

Two questions...is anyone else running British Airways inaugural Gatwick half?

Also any advice on fuel? I’m trying out sis gel and not a massive fan, but did improve my pace today, average 10.06 mile, is that ok? A running club mate suggested sweets, like haribo or fruit pastilles? Also not sure when to fuel, for a half?

Thanks for reading everyone, hope you’re having a fab running wknd!! 🏃‍♀️💪🏻😃

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I had jelly babies on my first 2 halfs. I had mini jelly babies rather than full sized ones and I had one at 3, 6, 8.5, 10 & 11 miles. I also had a couple of mouthfuls of water at each water station.

Jelly babies seem to be the favourite choice of sweets but some people prefer jelly beans or gummy sweets but I find them hard to chew.

During my marathon training I'm using shot blocs and eating normal food so soreen bars and flapjacks which take a little bit of time to get used to eating whilst running so they could be something you could try but definitely try out whatever you plan on using during training.

I no longer fuel for a half as I run that distance frequently enough now and have trained up to it to not need anything other than a few sips of water but I wouldn't recommend it for your first!

Your pace is fantastic! Pace is only relevant to you so there will always be someone faster than you but there will also always be someone slower than you.

And well done! 10 miles and a half is no mean feat so you should be VERY proud of yourself!


Thanks so much for your reply.

I don’t know if it’s in my head or not but pace was much more consistent with sis shots, only had one! May try 2 next week.

Good luck with your training 😄


Whether you fuel or not is personal choice. I don't, and I have never found issue with this. But id you do I would suggest something like jelly babies over these overpriced energy gels.

Wen I ran a HM recently, I took jelly babies as they were offered at each water station and the kids holding them got quite excited when people took them. THey felt like and nick reward, but I doubt they made much difference to my run.

Please let us know how the run goes. Gatwick is near me so it is a run I would be interested in doing in the future.


Thanks WhatsApp!

I will let u know of course.

Thanks for your advice too.

I don’t know if fuel is in my head but pace was more consistent and feel I have a better chance of finishing strong if I do? I only had one, may try two or some sweets!



Excellent work!

agedsnailspace has signed up for the Gatwick Half, although I haven't seen them around these parts recently (hope all is ok?). I would do it myself as it's local, but I can't fit it in this year! It looks amazing though, and a great choice for a first half.

You have to test out eating while training to see what works for you, it depends a lot on how long it will take you to run the half. I don't personally feel much of a need to eat during a half (I have a BIG breakfast instead), but I sometimes have a mouthful of something to help calm my stomach. I like jelly babies because they don't get sticky and are easy to chew and swallow - I agree with marie-20, some sweets seem like a choking hazard! Jelly beans, I'm looking at you :)

Your training regime looks great. I hope you have a wonderful time!!

Oh, and would you like me to add you to the Events calendar?

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Thanks roseabi!

Don’t think I can eat whilst running as I’ve only just started to eat a little before and have not often had water until now! Lol

I will try some sweets, I think!

Not sure what the avents calendar is but I’m sure you can add me?! Lol

Thanks for your advice 😄

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I've added you to the events calendar, which can be seen in the right sidebar of this forum's home page, or sometimes at the bottom of the page depending on your device - although if you're using the iOS app you won't be able to see it at all :) But I can, and I will give you a big cheer on the weekend of your race!

It's a good idea to practice eating and drinking during a training run, if you plan to do it during a race - but it's fine to stop and walk or stand while you do it. That's what I usually do anyway, ha.


I take Haribo and use them to moisten my mouth more than anything. I suck them 🙂. I think I ate about six during my HM on Saturday. They make you hyper if you overdo it 🙂

I took a power flapjack too and ate some before setting off and the rest at the end. The recipe is on here as a sticky I think 😋

I eat proper porridge 60 to 90 mins before the race. Nothing else does the job for me 👍😃

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Thanks Misswobble.

I will try some sweets, do like porridge but after I’ve run. When I had it before I had to do emergency loo stop!! Not good!! Lol


I eat my porridge 60 to 90 mins beforehand so you “go” before you go😁


Ten miles already? That definitely took some hard work. Congratulations on signing up for your first half!

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Thanks very much C3PO!

I’m excited but scared! 😬

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Yes, that’s the spirit. It is an exciting prospect 😁👍🏃‍♀️

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Right, your post has inspired me to sign up for my first half. Am a 2018 graduate of C25k and regularly now run 8 to 10miles with no fuel. I belong to a running club and members were telling me they eat jelly babies on longer runs, so I will get some and sign up as you have donee Lisa. Good luck and get some Jbs just in case.

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