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Things I Didn't Own 12 Weeks Ago

"Things I Didn't Own 12 Weeks Ago"

1x new running watch (Garmin FR235 - on order)

2x new pairs running shoes (Asics & Hokas)

2x new pairs running tights/pants (Nike & Ronhlls)

1x new hoodie

1x new kit bag

1x exercise mat (new arrival)

1x foam roller (new arrival - calves/Achilles)

2x pairs compression socks (new arrival - calves/Achilles)

1x microwaveable bean bag (Achilles)

1x KT 'Rock Tape' (Achilles)

1x running belt

1x Body Glide

1x scruffy Asda plastic bag filled with various SIS/OTE/High5 gels & assorted running fuels

3x Half Marathon race medals (with 2x t-shirts)

1x manky toe-nail (lifting off)

+ 2x Physio and 1x podiatrist appointments (with 1x orthoses adjustment)

and as you might have sussed ...

1x Achilles niggle


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Good lord! Who said running was a cheap sport? :)

Stupid Achilles :(

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Big frightening when you look at it like that... add in the cost of transport to/from London, accommodation etc.

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Oh dear, another one on the slippery slope 😁

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You could save money and use Vaseline 😁


What, no deep heat?

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Impressive! I always laugh when I read books that say that running is so cheap. Not for me.

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Crazy isn't it? :-)


Did you win the lottery!!!


Yeah, they always say running is cheap, you just need a pair of pumps...


Ha! When I started I took up running as a cheap sport because I already owned a sports bra and a pair of trainers :D

Your list is very impressive but I don't like the toenail, the physio, the podiatrist and especially the achilles :( I suspect your bank manager may not like your list either.

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What a fabulous shopping list..... I know which things I’d rather leave off.... I hope the microwaveable bean bag , KT tape and expensive appointments are helping with the Achilles purchase?


That's quite a haul! I am loving the medals etc., less keen on the Achilles-related stuff but hoping it's all helping.

By the way, how are you getting along with your Hokas? Which ones do you have?


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