Advise wanted re longer runs...🏃🏻

I have recently done several 10 mile runs as part of my build up to the Great South Run which I did last week. That went really well and I now have a half marathon to look forward to😉 in March next year. Over the next couple of months I hope to focus a bit on my 5k and 10k times before gradually increasing my longest runs again up to HM distance. Up until recently my run pattern has been 1x hilly 5k, 1x 'fast' flatish 5k and a long run of between 10-16k. My thoughts were that I might try the following over the winter: 1x fast flatish 5k, 1x 7-8k (trail/hilly) and 1x long run 10-16k. Then start to increase that long run again in the new year. Does this sound like an ok plan? It gives me a bit of flexibility on long run day to go with how I am feeling but is hopefully also consolidating what I am already doing.

Would be interested in hearing what others do to maintain that stamina - still feel quite new to all this running stuff. What do you do when not building up to a race? Don't want to undo all my hard work but I don't want to overdo it either! And yes, I do strength and flexibility in between too, which really keeps the niggles at bay.

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  • Sandra

    Yes I see what your driving at re keeping the stamina you have built up recentli would suggest you go a long run every week of between 6 and 8 miles

    Keep the tempo fun up and try either intervals or fartlek as your other session

    If you want to do a fourth session I would suggest an easy run of between 4 to six miles

    Keep up the stretching and I would suggest a massage every month if you can

    You could do a ten miler every three weeks or so and in the new yr follow a half marathon schedule to race dayy


  • Thanks for that Gra. Was thinking of trying to keep up with a 10 miler every few weeks. Still a little bit scared of intervals - I have thought of including them in my training before but am worried they often lead to injury!!! That said, I do try my own more sedate version when I feel good towards the end of the run. Thanks for your ideas. 🙂

  • No probs Sandra

    I take your point about intervals and agree with you

    Only do them if you feel ok and stretching afterwards is a good idea

    Also a foam roller would be a good buy for the calves and hamstrings etc


  • I think your plan sounds good... for me, I learnt so much from the aftermath of my first marathon where I felt broken! After my second ( get me!!!!) I finished strong thanks to my training and I focussed on running short distances daily and I have continued to do that alongside working on my core. What is your long term goal from your running?

  • To do a HM in March...and then I'm not really not sure! Just to keep running I guess! I feel as though I am still exploring different distances at the moment. I don't think I'll ever have the commitment to move up further than a a HM to be honest. I love trail type runs and I love 10k.☺

  • I think your plan sounds good. It isn't too different from what I've been doing so far. The Norwegian experts talk a lot about the importance of hilly runs, and I don't do enough of them.

  • sounds good to me hills build strength and stamina both of mind and body. I would also try and maybe increase your speed run slowly two.

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