Run 1000 miles in 2017 challenge

Run 1000 miles in 2017 challenge

last year I had a New Years goal of running 2016 km. I didn't actually think for one minute that I would as I'm crap at anything like resolutions. It wasn't until close to the end of the year that I realised I only flipping did it!!! This equates to 1252 miles. I'd like to do more this year but I don't like setting high expectations and then fail!!!

I subscribe to Trail running magazine and in yesterday's there is a cool thing you can sign up to for running 1000 miles in the year:

I think this is a great and doable goal to have but I would say it's definitely for those who have been running a while. I'm going to sign up and it would be good to spur each other on. There is a cool progress tracker too. It equates to just 19.2 miles a week.

Let's take 2017 and nail it :)

Happy panthering


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  • Very nice! I've signed up for a 1017 km challenge with my running app, but considering the fact that I plan to significantly up my mileage this year, 1000 miles is interesting.

    I'm sure you'll do really well. Realistic goals are good.

  • I think the k's sound good and its always good to do even better than your goals!!

  • I have signed up :)

    A few days ago I also wrote to the people behind the monthly virtual 100 mile runs and suggested they did a fancy medal for 1000 miles in a year. Haven't heard back so it's prob not going to happen, but I thought it would be cool (and probably also a nice little earner for them)

  • hooray.... i want a fancy medal!!!!!!

  • Wow ju- ju, that's a lot! I had a goal of 600k in 2016 and did over 700, so I've set myself the goal of 800k this year.......might get to the dizzy heights of miles one day......😄

    Good luck, here's to ticking down those kilometres and miles!😄


  • I set my 2016 goal at 1250k and ended up at about 1300k... so I thought that 1500k might be a good goal for 2017... then someone reminded me that 1600k = 1000miles... so just another 300k from last year!!! Well we'll see!!!

  • you should go for it then!!!!

  • Congratulations 🙂 That's some mileage there Ju so hats off to you.

    I never thought of it but I have just checked my annual miles and it's 836 so not bad.

    here's to another 12 months of trouble free running 🍻

  • Thanks babe, and thats fabulous mileage too... and here here to an injury free 2017...

  • That's impressive. Just about managed 500miles this year and honestly don't think I can double to 1000 but good luck to you.

  • Thats really good... and doubling mileage is never a good idea! Heres to a good year of running :)

  • Wow, that's a L O N G way!!!

  • Congratulations, that's a great year's running. I managed 2663km/1654 miles last year - neither of which is easy to "round up" to a new target for 2017. I might try for 2743.2km, which is a nice three million yards.

  • Three million yards - awesome!

  • That is super fab... did you run everyday? How did you pace it through the week??

  • I did a streak of 72 days in the Summer but streaking's not really for me - I'm not as dedicated as some and ended up a) neglecting strength work and b) running too many slowish 5ks - one of my sillier personal rules is that I never run for less than 5k.

    My usual week is long run, tempo run, interval/hill run, parkrun with a very occasional bonus run - either on a "non-running" day or as a "double".

  • very sensible... I am embarking on a streak but I regularly do a slow 1 mile on 'rest' days combined with strength far that seems OK but I am desperate to up my speed this year so lets see....

  • Best of luck either way - the faster you run, the further you'll go.

  • So 20 miles a week.... Before holidays ad the like.

    Running 100 miles in 31 days was challenging enough; you need to go out and do some long runs.

    And I have missed one week already!!

  • What sort of strength training do you all indulge in?

  • Sorry just spotted this. I do one from trail running which is 10 minutes daily but I tend to do more like 3 times a week. It's a combo of plank, push ups, squats, lunges and some leg swinging!!!

  • Not sure if you've all seen it, but now there is bling to be had for 1,000 miles away in 2017:

  • Awesome achievement. Very well done. Would it count if I took the car for some of the miles? ;)

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