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Make a plan to fit those longer runs in over December, we are here to help with motivation

Make a plan to fit those longer runs in over December,  we are here to help with motivation

A December challenge for all the forums, whatever stage you are at.

Have you got a plan to keep your fitness levels up over December this year. For some it is the cold, dark and rain that keeps us in doors, for some it is too many late nights and feeling shattered the next day. Or Is it the chance to have some little treats and not worry too much about the Waistline that gets you out the door, or do you need a little Me time when the house is full. This is time of year there are so many reason to stay in and still so many reasons to go out.

So the challenge is set your self a plan that works for and try to stick to it.

Today write you plan down and post it in here. You know once it is in writing it matters 😀

( make the plan achievable for you, don’t stretch your self too much and take into consideration everything that is going on)

It could be run 2-3 times a week, make sure I go out at least once a week, At least e long runs over December. that sort of thing.

Then post how you did. I will put a new post up for the weeks.

4th to the 10th December

11th to the 17th December

18th to the 24th December

25th to 31st December.

Let’s all keep our fitness levels up through December and go into the New Year knowing we are all still motivated

If your injured or ill take care of yourself and only do what you can, just being mindful of what your body needs is a great thing for your general well being and obviously you can join this challenge any time so even if you come to the site the last week of December you are still welcome.

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My plan is

4th - 10th. Out for two run an walk and a swim

11th -17th out for two runs a walk and a swim

18- 24 the hard one as family are here, two long walks and two runs, probably no swim

25th - 31st. Still family here, again two long walks two runs, one a Parkrun.

Trying to make it realistic, I will be happy if I can stick to this.


My goal for December is to keep getting out twice in the week, we have some busy weekends coming up. Obviously my hm training plan has gone a bit to pot after my brother died last weekend but I did manage a 6.5k and a 6k run last week, just not the distances I was up to.

So 2 x runs a week with an increase in distance to 10-16k.

I will see how I feel as i know emotional stress can impact my running performance and abilities.


My goal for this week is four runs - with a long run on Tuesday. I have lots of baking planned, as I'm hosting a big party soon, so I need to counter it with plenty of exercise.


You do! I had a big dinner today. At least we CAN run off the excess


The marathon I just ran has just opened again for 2018! Hmmmm


Go on, then :D


4th- 10th: Long run is moved to Friday because I hop on an international flight Saturday AM. Skip wednesday run to rest before Friday.

11-17: complete three runs on hotel treadmill :/ and long is moved to sunday the day after I return

18-24: skip monday run because of travel plans pushing long run back and continue week as planned with three more runs.

25-31st: should be back to normal with 4 total runs.

The week after that my in-training group starts meeting up. Thank goodness, I'm getting up to 15 mile runs this month and they get boring solo! This trip is really throwing my training for a loop but as long as I get those long runs in (10 and 11) I should be good.


Excellent! I'm not quite sure how things will pan out as I may be travelling again soon but my Asics plan has me doing most of my longer runs on Sundays so I hope that will be manageable. For the next couple of weeks it's only 7kms so I should be able to cope... I hope!


I will remain predictable. Run every Monday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Thursday is normally the long one, working toward 21K, the others are 5-7K with intervals. Rain or shine (or worse), light or dark. ;) Last 14K included zigzagging over bridges from Battersea (Chelsea and Albert Bridge) over to Westminster via Lambeth. Tourist route! :)


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