1st HM distance

1st HM distance

I did about 10k with running club yesterday, as I hadn't got my long run in over the weekend due to pushing a bit too hard at parkrun I did it yesterday and carried on after runclub. The Mersey is very high so we changed our route a bit, going to walk down there today and see how it's doing.

If I do another HM before the Manchester HM next month I will try some gel, my stomach felt very empty and rock like past around 15k. I carried water with me but didn't really need any , although I was fairly thirsty after. I sped up on the second half and got my 3rd fastest 10k this year. My current goal will mean I cut a heck of a lot of time off my 10k pb for 2 10k's in a row, so in danger of burning out if it isn't realistic, but doable based on my parkrun time.

Ill attach a photo, not from the run but one of my routes last week. If I get there today Ill take another one, I expect ducks are swimming on that lower path. One of the great things about manchester is how easy it is to get out of or into of the city. 10 min walk from my flat and I'm onto the river.

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  • Lovely pics! Well done for the 10ks and the HM!!! I tend to get a similar feeling of discomfort in my stomach running that distance, just a little something to nibble on certainly helps me. All the best to you with your ongoing training :)

  • Bear in mind you get injuries if you get dehydrated

    Don't overdo things will you

    Worry, worry 🙂

  • Thanks misswoble I will keep that in mind, will try to take more in this time. Hopefully I get used to it and start to feel thirsty or just notice I'm thirsty when running with practice. Thankyou!

  • Thanks :) I think I will give it a go today if I make it for a long run or tomorrow, couldn't find gels here so a banana or something on the run. Worth giving it a try/experimenting at this stage!

  • Be careful with increasing distance and pace at the same time. I injured myself doing exactly that earlier this year. You might be in a completely different shape though and might not need to worry about it 🙂

    What do you eat before a long run? I find porridge with a bit of butter for breakfast an hour before, plus a banana just before I start, makes the best base for long runs.

  • Hi Pippi, for those long runs it was in afternoon 6:30 ish when I set off, or parkrun the week before. I know for parkrun I wont have had anything, or just a cereal bar thing (nut bar), for the later one just something in the day about 2:00 probably cheese and ham on toast :) . I should realy plan a bit better. For the race I want to do like you, banana or porridge, as it will be the morning, have lots of carbs day before. For the training runs I'm not too bothered if I run out of carbs during the run, just to get my body used to it.

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