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First run at HM distance!

SkiMondayHalf Marathon

I made it! What’s more, my knees held up (they seem kind of important for things like running). Also, I shaved ten minutes of my HM power walking time!

So, two weeks ago, I did a (hilly) 19k and then took a week’s break from running. I then tried for the HM distance but only managed 16k due to my knees playing up. I’ve been doing the NHS knee exercises for runners, did a 5k on Tuesday and a 10k on Thursday, picked a reasonably flat route for today (mostly on a dirt track), took it slowly and it all came together! I love it when a plan works!

I’m following Jason Fitzgerald’s long run ideas on Strength Running so I’m aiming to extend my runs to around 30k. Mind you, adding distance at a nice gentle 1k a week means I probably won’t reach 30k by my HM at the end of September. However, I will have built up a fair amount of endurance by then. That, combined with a short and medium run each week should mean that, come September, I’ll be comfortably ahead of my power walking time.

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O505kHalf Marathon

Well done congratulations, great feeling.


Brilliant work and a solid plan too. The legs seem to really appreciate the softer dirt impact vs the hard pavement and concrete. You’ll be well set for September 👍🏼👊

SkiMondayHalf Marathon in reply to Decker

Cheers Decker! So far, so good.


Well done! I’m going to look at these knee exercises!

SkiMondayHalf Marathon in reply to Tasha99

I think the exercises help.


Congratulations! Great milestone. Do listen carefully to your knees if you're planning an increasing long run once every week.

SkiMondayHalf Marathon in reply to linda9389

Thanks and will do! Since there's no rush to increase my mileage, think I might do a hilly run one week and add the extra k to my flat run every other week.

Lavender1962Half Marathon

Congratulations on your first running half marathon! Well done.

SkiMondayHalf Marathon in reply to Lavender1962

Cheers Lavender!

Sandraj39Half Marathon

Great achievement - well done! 🙂

SkiMondayHalf Marathon in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks Sandra.

cheekychipmunksHalf Marathon

Brilliant achievement SkiMonday, well done! 👏👏👏

SkiMondayHalf Marathon in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks Cheeky. I'll make it to the Ashton Court PR one of these days but it clashes with my long run at the moment.

WhatsappHalf Marathon

Good work, and to get beyond 21k in preparation for you HM will mean that it wont feel like such a long way bu the time you come to race day!

SkiMondayHalf Marathon in reply to Whatsapp

Good point!


Brilliant! Well done 👍🏻😁

SkiMondayHalf Marathon in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Thanks JoJo.

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