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Please help!!

So I recently went on disability for a few months due to an immune disorder and I've just gotten my health back enough to work out again. I'm really stressed however because in just three months I'm doing a 5k, 10k, and half marathon back to back its the Disneyland runs. I'm extremely nervous and am feeling so out of shape for it now. Any advice on how to use these three months to my advantage??

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Great that you are healthy enough to work out again :) Where were you in terms of your running before? What distances were you running, and what other cross-training were you doing?

The Disneyland runs would be one of my dream runs - how exciting for you!

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How lucky you are to be doing the Disneyland runs! They're on my to-do list, but are a bit too close to a major national run where I live, so I haven't been able to schedule them yet.

If you signed up for such a major challenge, I assume that you ran quite a lot in the past. If not, I think you're very brave. With 3 months to go, the 5K and 10K should be no problem. What you need to do is make sure that you don't push yourself too hard on the 10K or you'll have trouble with the HM. I also think you should consider a walk/run approach to the HM. Alternatively, run the 5K, run/walk the 10K, and run the HM. In some ways 10Ks are harder than a HM because they're more about speed than endurance - not that I ever achieve much speed. If you take it easier on the second event, then you'll be able to save more energy for the final event.

Good luck!

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That's great you are now recovering and I'm assuming you've been given the all clear by your GP to run again?

As others have said, we are assuming you have done a lot of running in the past or this will be extremely hard. Following a plan gives some structure and Myasics do good ones although I haven't used them. Aim to build your general fitness too by doing a variety of activitie too. Good luck and keep us posted 😎

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