Giving Ju-Ju some slack

Giving Ju-Ju some slack

I've had a bit of a difficult time of late and I have consequently been stressing about my running goals ( I set a very high bar for myself), but I am quite hedonistic in some other aspects of my life which doesn't help ( more when I'm stressed). A bit of a jeckyl and Hyde really!!

So- I have decided to go easy on myself and adjust my goals as I don't want running to become a chore or beat myself up for failing etc....

So I've:

Changed my year goal from 1,300 to 1000 miles so I'm well in target.

Removed my 25 miles a week goal ( on Strava) ( my profile)

Accept I won't get the run Everest badge for May :(

Carry on my runstreak as that gives me a huge boost and sense of achievement

Other things I will try and do:

Cut down on booze

Eat more healthy stuff and drink more water ( I'm so crap at this)

Allow myself more mindfulness type of activity ( not sure what tho, I'm also v crap at this)

Accept my problems and get on with life!!

Thanks for listening #jujutherapy


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  • I had a feeling that the panther might be a bit 'lost in the jungle' or something. So sorry to have that confirmed but maybe writing it all down here is the step in the right direction, and all the plans you have too will be more.

    With the mindfulness - perhaps something where where you are still 'doing'/moving would maybe suit you, at least right now whilst things are difficult... some yin yoga, the dreaded colouring books, or dare I say it, knitting?

  • Knitting!!!!!!!!!! I think that's one step too far. I have been reading about mindfulness though, and Thankyou 😎

  • Well, knitting wouldn't do it for me either I don't think. Too many felines and I'm not very good so it would require more cognitive input than was appropriate for the purpose. But the rhythm of a straightforward knit stitch is probably pretty powerful, especially for fidgetty types.

  • Sorry you have been having a difficult time Ju-ju - all your plans seem very sensible. It's great to have goals and they certainly work for me too BUT life can throw curve balls sometimes and then we do have to learn to be a little flexible! I like the Mindfulness idea - have you heard of an app called 'Headspace'? I used it a couple of years ago and found it really great for guided meditation.

    I am also making no progress on any of my goals as I have been struggling to shake off a virus which then turned in to sinusitis. Am just at the beginning of a course of antibiotics (hate taking tablets but had to admit that I just wasn't getting any better!) which I hope will do the job. The days of bouncing around the Bath Half in March seem along time ago now and I feel as though I must be quite run down.πŸ™ Had a small op in April too which kept me off running for about ten days. I just want desperately to be out there again, trotting along my trailsπŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈ but it's been over three weeks now and I'm really missing it! Anyway - moan over! Sure I will be back out soon and I hope that things settle down for you and you get back to your super strong self! (I guess there's a pink fluffy kitten who needs a bit of tlc inside every panther!)

  • That's spooky Sandra I was just going to put about the headspace link too!I found it quite soothing and it worked well for me. ..

    Hope you're ok juju, I can understand very well how you're feeling. You have done amazingly well with your running last year and that amazing streak is really something AMAZING! No harm at all in adjusting goals and you know we're all here to offer a boost when needed 😊xxx

  • This year ( that's supposed to say )! It won't let me edit!! πŸ˜•

  • I am going to find that. I have started reading about mindfulness.... and Thankyou so much 😎

  • Thankyou so much, and I am so very sorry that you have had all these health problems. I hope the antibiotics kick in shortly and you get out on the gorgeous trails again soon.... 😎

  • You are still an inspiration regardless of it being a panther day or a pink kitten day. I know I am having a tough time at the moment that is affecting my running. It is tough when your hard work towards your goals is just not working out as expected. We need to be kind to ourselves and revise our schedules in response to outside pressures. It looks like you have made some adjustments which will hopefully get you back on track in the long term. Be kind to yourself. I think you are amazing and a great role model for us newbie runners.

  • Thankyou for your lovely words, that means a lot 😎

  • Good choice :-) Keep it enjoyable and reduce self induced stress. It is a healthy and good decision for you.

  • Thankyou so much 😎

  • Sorry to hear you're having a tough time of it, glad you've decided to cut yourself some slack. Have you tried mindfulness while running? Switch off your music for a bit. Counting breaths, scanning your body and making a mental note of how you're feeling as you move, or just taking time to really notice things around you that you haven't seen before - all are good. Let your thoughts come and go, acknowledge them, then bring your mind back to whatever you were concentrating on. :)

  • Thankyou and I am going to try and start doing that 😎

  • It doesn't hurt to re-evaluate your goals every once in a while to take account of what life has been throwing at you! I have had to give up on my desire to continue with streaking while I let my knee recover from my fall. I have run fewer times in the last week than any week since I started C25k - but I am feeling better for it (and it kills me having to say that!). I will be back running daily again as soon as I can, but we do have to recognise sometimes that what our minds want and what our bodies will agree to doing are mutually incompatible!

    It's a short term reversal to faciliate a long term gain. :)

    Good for you, Ju-ju - and good luck with those revised goals.

  • Gosh it's so hard isn't it, because we focus so much on our goals and having to adjust is hard but usually for the best. I hope your knee gets better very soon and take care 😎

  • you'll be back on it when you feel the pull of a challenge. Leopards never change their spots 😎

  • I know I will- Thankyou 😎

  • ju-ju, this post just proves you are human! Nobody goes through life without down periods. I think you are doing the right thing by reducing the pressure on yourself. It is so important to run for pleasure.

    I am also crap at mindfulness types of things - I wish I wasn't - I'm sure it can really make a difference when you are feeling stressed out... If you find a method that works for you, please share it with us. I am sure I could learn something.

  • Thankyou, and I will do a reportage on how I get on!!! 😎

  • Well you have been a bit full-on recently Ju-ju, haven't you?! No wonder you're feeling the strain, especially if other parts of your life are trying at the moment.

    However much we strive for perfection, pretty much no-one can achieve it and it just adds so much pressure. Just take a temporary break from all the goal-chasing until you feel a bit calmer.

    Btw, I'm rubbish at goals - once set I don't let anything get in the way, and I've discovered this is a sure-fire way to make myself ill. Boring as it may be, I have learnt to accept my limits. Also setting the bar a bit lower makes it easier to exceed expectations, and that feels good, even if it is a bit of a cheat!

  • Wise words, that is so very true. Thankyou! 😎

  • You are such a support to us, wish I knew magic words to be equally supportive to you but apart from "Be as kind to yourself as you are to others" I don't know but do be good to yourself OK πŸ™‚

  • Thankyou so very much 😎

  • Takes a wise person to recognise a re evaluation is needed Ju-ju, so that's an absolute positive.

    Let us not forget, these are your goals, your journey, your choices. Whatever you decide is best for you, is best for you, and no one else is able to judge as they are each following a different journey entirely.

    So; do whatever you need to so that you are looking after you and yours.

    Yoga might be the thing for encouraging mindfulness perhaps, and good for core and strength too! I use YouTube on my Smart tv so can do it anytime I feel......usually before breakfast to set me up for the day.

    Be kind to yourself, you are a great role model!

  • I did dabble a bit with yoga, that's a very good idea.... Thankyou 😎

  • Glad you've found a way forward and could readjust your goals. Many of us are so inclined to overdo it - and yet you hear the stories of people who really overdo it, push on and achieve impossible things - and I always think "why can't I be like that?". But I can't and it is good to listen to your body!

    Happy panthering!

  • That's so true, and Thankyou 😎

  • So now we have our very own Pink Panther do we? ;)

    Seriously, how very wise to re-evaluate your goals and set yourself targets that are achievable. Tough still by the looks of things, but realistic. I'm with those who suggest using running as part of your mindfulness routine. Perhaps you could try it during part of your long run.

    For the eating more healthy stuff and drinking more water, would it help if you had numerical targets for this rather than an aim of cutting less healthy stuff out? Say 5 servings of fruit and veg a day (OK, I know it's meant to be 9, but start at something achievable) and a certain volume of water? I have a bright flowery "kiddy" drinks bottle that I fill with drinking water and take "everywhere" with me. Being bright, it's fairly hard to lose. I don't keep track of how many times I refill it during a day, but I'm sure this way I drink more water than if I had to fill a glass every time I had a drink (obviously can't drink straight from the tap here and although 0.5 litre bottles are only about 12p, I hate the idea of all that plastic waste).

  • I love these ideas, and I have been trying really hard to not use non- recyclable plastics, so I'm going to invest in a kiddy bottle, what a great idea, Thankyou 😎

  • Sorry to hear that things are difficult for you at the moment but your ideas to reduce the pressure seem to be good. I will be interested in whatever you find out about mindfulness. Have you ever tried Tai Chi? All the best to you :)

  • Sorry to hear that life has been a bit difficult lately. indont have much to add to all the comments above. The Headspace meditation app that has mentioned a few times is what I am currently using, and I think it is very helpful. As far as water bottles goes - I use a Chillys bottle which is metal and double walled and keeps your water chilled for hours, which is an incentive to drink it ( for me anyway). My friend at work uses a big plastic bottle, and puts lots of ginger and lemon in plus hot water, which obviously then cools down. Other people I know put in mint and cucumber.

    Hope you feel back on track soon, and thank you for being an inspirational writer/admin!

  • Big hugs Sweetie. It's hard being an over-achiever (I'm not I hasten to add, but I'm Mum to one) Be gentle with yourself, it'll all come good eventually, maybe just not as quickly as you'd hoped. xx

  • Plans are only ever aspirations with some structure and willingness to give it a go. So it's important to stop regularly and assess whether the plan is still right, or whether it needs adjustments. It's great that you have done that Ju Ju, far far better to feel great about meeting the updated plan than feel bad about not meeting the original one. So well done for listening to your body and being kind to yourself. You're a shining star!

  • Thankyou so much.... lovely words 😎

  • I thought I'd answered you, ju-ju, and am so sorry to discover I haven't! I'm glad you've adjusted your goals and are focusing on taking care of yourself. As John wrote, you are a huge support to all of us, so back when you first wrote this post, I had been wondering where you were.

    I hope you're feeling a bit better about things, two weeks on, and look forward to more panthering news soon!

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