Busy weekend!

Busy weekend!

I had such a busy weekend/friday!

Friday it was an afternoon to go and explore the Kent countryside on my road bike and what a great time it was too, I managed 55km or 34 miles in a couple of hours which I was happy with.

Then it was on bike again to get to the local parkrun where I was the volunteering as a photographer (my fav role!) you can have a look at my photos here : flickr.com/photos/hits98/

Let me know what you think, I try and only take a photo of one per person so it cuts down deleting photos etc after! this week I only had to delete 5 dodgy photos and did'nt do any other editing!

Then it was out again to do the Heart of Kent Hospice 10k in the local countryside, after dropping the 2year old at my parents. It was to be Myles (11) first 10k race. He has been nagging at me for ages he wants to do longer than the normal 5k parkrun. So I found him this which had no age limit's (most do). It was a good course in the countryside which I would describe undulating, but I heard a good few people call it hilly! Myles did well going down the hill's not so well up the hills, but he is more use to a very flat parkrun, so a few hill repeats after this for him!

But very happy with a 1hr 1min finish time, our training run was 15 minutes slower than that.

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  • Crikey! You have been busy 😀 What fun! Sounds like a blast 😀

    Good news about your son's run. I bet he loved it!

    Did you sleep all right or were you too excited 😀 I walk tatered last night but couldn't flipping sleep 🙄

  • yea it was a blast feeling tired now, but got the osteopath at lunch time hopefully for the final time, feeling a lot stronger of late.

    Kind of loved it! he moaned up all the hills and after 7km he thought it was too far, but he did beat me over the sprint finish! not sure how he complain about being tired and no energy but still be able to do a sprint finish from 200 meters out!

    Sleep? i been getting rubbish sleep of late, not being able to sleep at night and then waking up at 5.30am because thats when my 2 year old thinks I should be awake.

  • I get leg twitch in bed after a big one, do you get that too??

  • Lol i think the other half would get wrong idea if I started twitching my leg in bed.

  • Ben, those photos are really excellent, you frame the runners so well! I got mixed up with parkrun Hove Prom for a bit during my 20-miler on Saturday. I could see the runners coming back the opposite way toward the finishing line, and I loved watching their faces (if I was actually running the parkrun I would have been concentrating on staying alive at that point, so wouldn't have been able to observe :). One bloke was putting on a fantastic sprint so I gave him a big whoop :)

    Jolly well done to you (34 miles???!!!) and Myles - what a fantastic time for a first and undulating 10k!

  • oh thank you i am trying with the photos, but never sure if anyone ever likes them! I was standing at the middleish of parkrun this week so not that much pain on the face's the first time i did i was at the finish line which is on a slope (some say hill) the facepain is good here! I will have to try and photograph again there soon.

    you know 34miles isnt so bad on a bike, once i get off the big hill i live on its pretty flat, the trouble is have to leave some energy to get up the big steep hill home!

  • Brilliant, and I feel quite worn out reading all that!!!! well done all of you :)

  • Thank you

  • Very well done to Six-Miles-Myles. :)

    And his dad.

  • thank you, he was very happy with it. But doesn't want to do it again for one more year!

  • Well done to both of you, especially your son Myles (!) - that is a great distance for an 11 year old. You have obviously been a great role model to him😉!

  • People say that i have been a good role model but i am not so sure! I wouldn't like to put myself so highly!

  • Wow what a super time, well done Myles and Ben! That's speedy! Excellent weekend too....👏


  • thank you, he is now faster than me at 5km :( it will be a matter of time before he is quicker than me at 10km! maybe next year.

  • well done both of you! great job! :)

  • thank you.

  • Wow, it has indeed been a busy weekend hasn't it? Well done on all the exercising, and super well done to Myles. 61 min is a great time, hope he is suitably chuffed!

    Had a browse of your pictures, and i agree with roseabi, very nice pictures they are indeed. Your parkrun is fortunate to have you as photographer.

  • it was a very busy weekend, never planned it to be so busy but that's just the way it turned out. He is very chuffed but still think he is more chuffed about beating my PB at parkrun the week before!

    thank you for the kind words about my pictures, I am not sure i want to photograph each week, I like to run as well!

  • Special congratulations to Myles! My children are happy sticking to 3-5K races.

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