Ooops - signed up for a HM in March

Ooops - signed up for a HM in March

I'm registered for what I thought would be my first HM in June, but this morning I 'accidentally' signed up for another one - in just a month's time.

It is a small, local one - I don't even think there is bling. But June just seemed so far away and I am so ready to take this challenge on.

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  • Goodness! Are you up to that kind of distance already?

  • I think so... I'm running 15-17 km without problems. How difficult can 21 be?

  • OOhj! I didn't realise you'd got to that stage, brilliant! Yes, just a bit further (says she who could never get to that distance lol) and time to do the training

  • My running buddies ran a HM a week ago. I couldn't go, but I trained with them all the way, so I am ready :-) I just have to maintain for a month. Maintain and avoid injury. I tend to overdo things ;-)

  • Funny how these "slips" happen - sure you'll be fine.

  • Thank you :-) And yes, we seem to slip a lot around here :-) :-)

  • PippiRuns you are just amazing. This running thing must be in your blood. You only started about 9 months ago and are now ready for a half marathon. And really ready. You'll do it easy peasy and streak off into the distance to your next goal. I am in awe!

  • Thank you JZ :-) You are not doing too bad yourself!

    You are right, this running thing is most certainly in my blood. I have seriously fallen in love with running. I am not sure the HM will be easy, but I am pretty sure I will do it and enjoy the ride.

    I think my goal for 2017 is going to be one HM pr quarter and a total of 1000 km... does that not sound nice?

  • That sounds pretty cool. You'll smash the 1000 km, it's only about 20km a week and you must be doing a lot more than that already. I thought about 1000 km as my goal for 2017 but I don't think it's realistic yet. So I aim to get more than the 800 km I did in my first complete year of running. No pressure. Jan and Feb were not too good in terms of mileage due to lurgies and very icy conditions, but the good running months are still to come!

  • I ran 109 km in January but wont reach more than 45 in February because I have been in Sri Lanka for more than two weeks. And it was too hot for me to run. I still think 1000 km is achievable for me this year - but of course, if I run into a hefty cold or an injury, I'll have to adjust :-)

  • There's nothing 'small' about 13.1 miles 😱, ! πŸ˜‚, ahh you'll be fine, I'm now in faffidge week.....7 days to go......have I done enough? I need to do more......what am I going to wear.....what's the weather going to be like......have I got enough fuel/jelly babies......are my shoes ok.....


    You'll be great, I'm sure if it!

    Mx πŸ€—

  • Oh dear, Madge, only 7 days to go! I fully understand the faffidge! I am pretty sure my last week will be exactly the same. But, Madge, you know what you are made of. You know that you have trained for this and that you are able to do it. You can't control the weather, but you'll know what to wear when you look out the window and you know how many jelly babies you can consume. YOU WILL BE OK and it will be a blast to cross that finish line! We will be rooting for you!

  • Thanks Iben, the mileage you're clocking at the moment is great, you'll be fine.

    I don't think I'm going to believe I can actually do this until it's over.......daft isn't it πŸ˜‚


  • We believe Madge...we believe! Two weeks to go for me and I am feeling nervous too...πŸ˜•

  • Hi Sandra, honestly, I'm up and down like a yo-yo, but trying to remind myself, no more to do now, and YES you've done enough.....😬

    In a way I'm glad it's nearly here....


  • But you have done it before, Sandra. Why the nerves?

  • Not in an organised event, I guess! It does make it more exciting too though! πŸ™‚

  • Definitely more exiting when it is an organised event! I get that.

  • I am sure you will be fine too! It is okay to be nervous, but I do hope that you are able to enjoy the whole thing when the day arrives :-)

  • at least with our speed, it won't be over in a flash!! :-)

  • No bling???????

    Ah well, accidents happen. I am sure you will be fine, Iben.

  • Yeah, maybe I should cancel my registration... Why run when there is no bling?

  • No bling.. What were you thinking 😁

  • It was very early in the morning, I am jet-lagged... what more can I say?

  • Brilliant! Good for you - sounds like you are definately ready! I have my first HM in two weeks time...also ready for it and just trying to stay fit and well!πŸ™‚ Good luck with yours!!

  • Thank you and good luck! I will be looking out for your race report!

  • Haha oops! Less time to worry about it, think of it that way and then if your running pals are up to it,you are too.

  • They all managed the HM and so will I! (maybe I'll be less confident the day before, but right now, I'm pretty sure I'll manage)

  • Good for you iben! You'll be fine! Exciting stuff! Mine is in March too, the 11th! 😊

  • Can't wait to read all the race reports - first Madge50, then Sandraj39 and you! Exiting times! Good luck with yoursπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

  • Oh Iben , this is such brilliant news ! You've put the training in you will be fine !

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you poppypug! It just realised that I took my first c25k steps last year in March. Very appropriate to run a half a year after, isn't it?

  • Well done Iben. Sounds like you've done all the training, so it would be a shame to not do the race. Have a smashing time!

  • Thanks TomasπŸƒπŸƒ

  • It looks a nice race.

  • Yes, small and friends but really well organised, I have heardπŸƒπŸƒ

  • Excellent... you are on fire!!!!! :)

  • πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

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