Are all three of us going to stay the distance?

Are all three of us going to stay the distance?

Meet my marathon training running buddies, Basil and Sassie.

It was the start of Week 2 of my marathon plan today. A gentle 7K which we all coped with well, but I think once I start on the 10K plus long runs it may be a bit much for Basil's little legs. And Sassie is 13 now, so perhaps she may drop out too. How am I going to cope with running on my own?

Actually though, the fact that Sassie appears to be standing still and waiting for me to catch up in this photo makes me think there may be life in the old dog yet :-)

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  • Great photo TT ! I love your dogs ! That looks a great place to run.

    Well this is it , Week 2 , youre on your way .It will be great to follow your progress.

    Aw look at Basil's little legs, so sweet ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy.Our forest is a wonderful place-you're so right.No cars, just the odd friendly mountain bikers and other dog walkers. Oddly, I've never come across another runner on this track. Basil is a real character. We got him as a six year old, three years ago after his farmer owner died and he settled in immediately. Everybody loves him and he often exploits that by behaving very badly- he stole the sausage rolls out of the decorators packed lunches last week- but everybody forgave him. I wish I had the same talent!

  • That sounds so lovely , your own forest ! :-)

    Ha ha Basil ! :-D Nicking the sausage rolls ! Ha ha :-D

    Aw that's funny ! :-) xxx

  • Are you doing any Northern races this summer Poppy? I think I have signed up for two 10Ks in York. Would be good to meet up again.

  • I am considering the Leeds 10k in July but haven't entered it yet. I have signed up for the Manchester Half Marathon in October , and maybe the Abbey Dash again in November, but not entered that one yet. :-) xxx

  • Not quite my forest Poppy- I think the Forestry Commission would beg to differ! I think the Leesc10K is the same date as the London 10K which I entered (although its pretty expensive) because I think it will be my only chance of running past some of the wonderful London landmarks!

  • Oh I bet the London one is great !

    You could meet up with C25k London Division too xxx

  • That would be great. Is anyone else doing it?

  • Ive not heard of anyone in particular but I would think that someone on here would be.

    Have you put it on the " Lets celebrate your event " post ? That's a good way of finding out who's doing what :-) xxx

  • Looking good, TT.

    Basil looks like he could do with some sausage rolls at that point.

  • Ha ha ! Oh it is good to have you back Mr D :-) xxx

  • Basil could ALWAYS do with some sausage rolls Dunder.

  • Gorgeous running buddies, and well done. Lovely pic too :)

  • Thank you Jj.another faster 7k tomorrow but sadly not here. Gosh this plan is getting a bit full on already! Am I ready for this?

  • I love this photo TT, it's fab! Basil is too cute and Sassie, looks gorgeous. I'm considering the London 10k but I'm a wee bit worried about how hot it could be. I'm already run before 6am to avoid boiling (it's me age don't ya know!) xx

  • Thank you AM. You never know in our climate what the weather might be doing but I hate the cold more than the heat. I get Renauds syndrome which means my hands turn into death claws when I'm running without gloves in any temperature under 17! Go on! It would be great to meet up.

  • Lovely photo TT, isn't it great to have running buddies? Such a beautiful location too. Good luck with the training.

  • Thank you oh. I am so lucky to live here. Not sure Id be a runner if I had to run around the London streets where Ironson trains!

  • Aw bless em 😊 You are so lucky to have such compadres 😊 Jack's can't really run far as they have small hearts but perhaps best not tell him that ☺

  • We suspect he has a touch of the Welsh (corgi that is) and they are working farm dogs but he does, as mentioned , have a gargantuan appetite which slows him down enough to just about keep up with my slow plod. But Once I start doing 15k I think it may be fairer to leave him at home. Music will be a poor substitute companion though :-(

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