Park run tourism

Hi all

Just thought I'd plug my latest park run adventure yesterday

Am visiting my daughter who lives in Surrey so of course running gear was packed as she lived near Six different park run venues within 20 mins or so commute

Thought I'd try Woking parkrun and I chose very well

Had a brilliant time and the people so friendly!

The run itself was mainly path with a bit of trail as well

If you are ever this way on a Saturday I would recommend it!!


5 Replies

  • It's fab int it to be able to go anywhere and find a handy parkrun.

  • It is indeed''!!

  • Sounds fantastic, I was born in Surrey!!! Great place, although I never ran then!!!!

  • Yes it certainly is!!

    Expensive though!!!


  • Lovely to be out and explore new surroundings. I always find it gives a breath of fresh air to the running.

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