Eastbourne Half? I'm in!

Thanks to @benwill for the link in an earlier post - I was umming and ahhing about which half marathon to sign up for to get me motivated again, and clicked on the link and had a look.

Then this weekend I went to a party in Bradford and met someone who I hadn't seen for 20 years or so, who happens to live in Eastbourne! So, an opportunity to see her again before another 20 years goes by - I have signed up, and we will go and spend the weekend by the sea.

Anybody else doing it?

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  • Well done you! Hope you have a great time training and even better time visiting your friend for the race weekend.

  • Yay! I think it was me Ben gave the link to, but I've decided not to do any halfs this year (going to make up for it with 5 and 10 ks). Good luck and have fun!

  • No but I am doing my first Half a week later in Bath! How's your training going? Good luck!🙂🏃🏽‍♀️

  • Good luck for Bath. My training has been a bit lack lustre lately, because I seem to need a goal to get me motivated. So I have been running, but not that far, and not that focussed. I have 8 weeks to get back in gear! I am not looking at getting a PB, but it will be fun to run somewhere different!

  • I am just focusing on getting round alive😣😀!

  • I am thinking about doing this one, might have to speak to the inlaws see if there about this weekend as they live in Eastbourne, they can put us up and look after the kids while i go run!

    A nice little run by the sea.

    surely Eatcakeandrun your be back in October to do the beachy head marathon that also starts in Eastbourne! beachyheadmarathon.co.uk/ i

  • I don't think so benwill! Number one - I said I would never do another marathon after last year and so far I haven't changed my mind and number two- if I did it would not be one which goes up and down to the extremes of the Beachy Head one!

  • haha i also wont do another marathon as the training takes up way to much time, unless i ever get into London (never then!)

    I might just do the 10k Beachy Head one shame that would be hard enough.

    but must email the inlaws about the dates for eastbourne half

  • Unfortunately i wont be able to take part in this one :(

  • Shame! It would have been nice to say Hi in person, but maybe another time!

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