Eastbourne Half 🌬💦

Eastbourne Half 🌬💦

First - I haven't been on the forum too much lately, having been ill with a chest infection and laryngitis earlier in Feb and unable to run or even go for a walk for 3 weeks..it's been good to catch up on all the news and hear about everyone's achievements.

A few weeks ago I wondered whether I would be able to do the Eastbourne half after all. But then I decided I was well enough to do it, even if I had to walk/ run it.

As you know the weather wasn't exactly ideal yesterday, and I did wonder whether I was completely mad as I ate breakfast in the very nice B&B just down the road from Princes Park where the run started. Looking out of the window at lashing rain and listening to the wind howling!

The field was mud, and I was glad of my binbag coverup before the start. It was very blowy but actually the rain was not too bad in the end ( I have done training runs in much worse!). The course was mainly flat along the seafront and round the harbour - just one killer hill at the BeachyHead end of town. I was walking quite a bit of that! Some entertainment along the way - drummers and a bagpiper - and of course the beautiful sea to look at, which I always love.

And afterwards the local leisure centre provided a lovely hot shower and changing facilities - very welcome.

i would definitely recommend this race, and would do it again!

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19 Replies

  • Congratulations on a good result in trying conditions!

  • Thank you!

  • Crikey, that sounds a bit more full on than Cambridge, at least (beautiful though it is) we weren't on the coast....😄

    Lovely bling.......you were pretty speedy too!

    Well done you.


  • Thanks, the medal is very nice, lovely colour and big!

  • Wow, that's fast especially if you've been poorly, very impressive. Lovely rainbow shot.

  • The official time was 2:07:13 - yes I was really pleased! I just had to stop to take a photo of the rainbow- it kind of summed up the run!

  • That's great, really well done.

    That's a lovely piece of bling too.

  • Thanks, the medal is lovely - really good size and nice design.

  • oh shame I couldn't do this now with all that rain and the wind! but nice bling and wow look at that time!

  • Thanks Ben! When the wind was behind me it certainly speeded me along, but running into it was hard work!

  • Lovely pics, gorgeous medal and what a fab time too... huge well done to you :)

  • Thank you! My legs are really complaining today, and that 3 weeks off is mainly to blame I think!

  • Lovely pictures and a super speedy time! Well done🙂

  • My official time was a little longer at 2:07:13, but I was still very pleased with that!

  • ...and so you should be!🙂

  • well done thats excellent! very speedy time ! i might try that one next year as have an aunty to stay with near Eastbourne :)

  • Yes I would recommend it, it's not too big and well organised.

  • What great pictures. That's a lovely medal and a brilliant time. Well done.

  • Hot showers and changing facilities... how fancy! that sounds like a great reason already for it being a brilliant race.

    The weather sounds a bit crap, but you did well. Congratulations!

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