at the beginning of 2016 i set myself some goals.

1. Run 1000km (621miles) In a year! Completed.

Just about did this one 1015km done this year with 5km parkrun should put at 1020km. Which would have got me to Verona in Italy.

2. Marathon, Completed

A lovely day in April in Brighton where i completed it in 4hrs 27minutes (a time i will never forget) Shame my running has never been the same since.

3. Half Marathon Sub 2hrs, Fail

My plan was to try for this after my marathon, but never entered a half or felt i could as legs where too painful.

4. Sub 23 Minute parkrun, Fail!

I think maybe this is never going to happen, i reached my peak speed! (23mins 35seconds)

5. Cycle to work, Fail

To cycle the 60km's or so into London. I think i could do this tomorrow, well maybe the Sunday when there is no traffic. But watching to many youtube videos has put me off cycling in london in rush hour.

6. 50 parkruns - Completed.

this one was maybe the easiest just turn up and your soon get your red t-shirt. (apart from i had to wait two months, i may have lost weight but i am never gonna fit in a small!)


I dont need goals this year, I need to start doing more lunges and stretching and other such things. I need to make sure i dont get an injury again so i can carry on running and you never know maybe do a marathon or ride London 100 miler. I could if i wanted to do a longer triathlon but that means learning to swim better.

Hope you all had a great 2016 and may 2017 be even better!

P.S. maybe one goal, more bling then 2016!

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  • Yeah! More bling!!!

    Love that picture, and well done in 2016!

  • everyone needs more bling i got more bling then in 2015 (3) and that was alot more then in any previous year of my life.

  • I may have to join this challenge! Means signing up for at least 4 more races.... Hmmmmmmmmm 😋

  • Blimey! Thanks, boss 😄

    I also like the look of this one with wine and cake 😗


  • nr Horsham thats not that far away from my inlaws, cake and wine you say!

    or : runforchocolate.co.uk/brigh...

  • Ooh! As long as it's not a chocolate medal...

  • I just found this one which has cake on the medal!


  • Good lord, that one looks awesome!

  • Well done! Great haul of medals, and lots of goals achieved. Onwards and upwards in 2017!

  • more bling!

  • Sounds like you did really well in 2016. Congratulations!

  • thanks but could have done better in the 2nd half of the year.

  • Congratulations! Was it the Under Armour/Map My Run 1000 km challenge? I completed that one as well, and it was great motivation throughout the year.

  • Kinda, i missed out last year on 1000km but 160km so i wanted to do it this year. Then i saw in Under Armour do the 1000km challenge via Endomondo so entered that. Also set myself a yearly challenge of 1000km in strava and smash my run.

    (maybe i should cut down on running apps)

  • Congratulations! You've achieved a lot this year- you can be proud of yourself. I love bling, but the French don't believe in it. You get a T-shirt and a huge nosh-up at the end of most runs, though, so I won't complain.

  • what no bling blah never gonna do a race in france! get rid of the t-shirt never wear them and do the bling! But the huge nosh up does sound good

  • I only got one medal last year, and that was for the Nice 10K (a great run). Saturday's run had a huge table stashed with baguette ham & cheese butties, fruit, chocolate, dried fruit and drinks. If you don't want to run without getting a medal here, you end up getting very bored.

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